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Do you know that in Italy ...

  • Italian universities are distinguished by centuries-old traditions in the field of higher education - the University of Salerno was founded in the 9th century, while the University of Bologna in 1088.
  • The government is constantly working to improve higher education through reform.

  • Italy is a leader in education in the field of architecture, fashion, design.

Education in Italy

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Types of degrees:

Bachelor's program



Research doctoral programs and postgraduate courses, or professional excellence.

Language of study:



Program registration deadlines:


Cost of programs:

Undergraduate: State University - € 500- € 3,

private - € 1- € 500 / year


€ 8 - € 500 / year

Cost of living:

In the apartment: € 500-1000 / month.

In the hostel: from € 300 / month.

Higher Education Levels in Italy

Bachelor's program

Master / Postgraduate Studies

MBA in Italy

Undergraduate (Corsi di Diploma Universitario) - This is the first stage of higher professional education and is basic; Duration of study - 3 years.

Compliance with graduation certificates in Italy and Russia

Due to the difference in the systems of primary secondary education in Russia and Italy (they are studying at a secondary school for 12 years), in order to enroll in undergraduate programs, in addition to school, it is necessary to finish 1-2 courses of a Russian university or a school in Italy.

Admission requirements

  • age from 18 years
  • school certificate
  • 1-2 years of study at a Russian university

Language Proficiency

  • for learning in English - TOEFL ibt 79 + / IELTS 6.0+,
  • for learning in Italian - CILS level 2
  • exam in specialized subjects (in the field of medicine, pharmacy, architecture, law, engineering)

Master (Corsi di laurea) - This is the second stage of higher education.

Duration of study: 1-2 years; medicine, pharmaceuticals - 6 years.

Graduate School (Corsi di dottorato di ricerca) - Candidate of Sciences, duration of study - 3 years.

Successful Applicant Profile


  • diploma of higher education in a related specialty + work experience of 2 years (in some specialties)
  • average diploma score 4.1.- 5.0
  • active academic / scientific activity
  • recommendations of teachers and / or employers

Language training

  • English - TOEFL iBT 79 + / IELTS 6.5+
  • Italian - CILS level 2

Leadership skills

  • confirmation of an active social, creative, sporting life
  • international experience is welcome
  • motivation.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - professional qualification degree in management.

Types of programs

Executive MBA (EMBA) for top managers or business owners
Full-time MBA - Full-time Full-time Studies
Part-time MBA - flexible timetable training
Online MBA - Online Distance Education

Cost: from € 17 to € 000 / year

Duration of training: from 10 months to 2 years

Admission conditions (vary from university to university)

  • Bachelor's or related specialist degree
  • TOEFL iBT 83+, IELTS 6.5
  • GRE and / or GMAT
  • leadership skills
  • work experience 2-3 years
  • recommendations
  • interview

Article Education in Italy: Pros and Admission Process

Rating of Italian Universities

Country rating

the name of the institution

World ranking


Sapienza university of rome



University of Milan



University of padua



University of florence



University of bologna



University of turin



University of Naples Federico II



University of Rome Tor Vergata



University of pisa



University of Perugia



University of genoa



Polytechnic University of Milan



University of pavia



University of trieste



University of Milano-Bicocca


Our customers in Italy

See the list of educational institutions in which our students entered.

Educational institution

Level of education and direction of study

Polytechnic of Milan

MSc Architecture

Polytechnic of Milan

Master of Computer Science & Engineering

Polytechnic of Turin

MSc Sustainability design - Architecture

University of trento

Laurea magistrale in gestione delle organizzazioni e del territorio

John cabot university

Bachelor in business administration

Università degli Studi di Milano

Masters in international relations

Università degli Studi di Siena

Masters in cognitive science and linguistics

University of Rome Sapienza

Masters in Economics and Communication for management and innovation

Università degli studi di Verona

Masters in International Economics and Business Management

Universita degli studi di Torino

Masters in international relations

Bologna university

Masters in International Relations (2 students)

Milan University

Masters in International Relations (2 students)

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Receipt stories


Alexandra Krivolapova (Yekaterinburg)

Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Master: Faculty of Architecture and Design

First contacted the Global Ambassador on the recommendation of friends, almost two years ago. Then there was the task - to prepare for the delivery of TOEFL. In a small group under the leadership of Alla Eduardovna Chekanova, for about three months, knowledge of English was pumped and skills for passing the exam were developed. As a result, the exam was successfully passed, but I didn’t want to leave either the English, the teacher, or the center. At the end of the course, it was decided to continue further studies and contact the center with the aim of preparing documents for admission to an Italian university.

The center’s team quickly and competently drafted and translated all the necessary documents within the specified time frame. I would like to note the skill of the center in the preparation of motivation letters. After re-reading their own motivation letter, it seemed that the facts set forth by you have acquired exactly the sound that is necessary in order to interest the admissions committee of the chosen university.

The result of this joint fruitful work was my admission to the magistracy of the Milan Polytechnic University.

Thanks to the entire Global Ambassador team, and especially, thanks to Evgenia Bryukhanova for regular help and support in matters related to the preparation of a package of documents intended for a university, as well as in the further steps that will be required for every student who wishes to study abroad - collecting documents necessary for departure and enrollment.

Other success stories

How to get higher education in Italy?

  1. Learn all about your educational opportunities in Italy and other countries in a free consultation (40-60 minutes);
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  3. Get a selection of universities and programs according to your goals and capabilities (bachelor's, master's, MBA, PhD);
  4. Entrust correspondence and negotiations with representatives of educational institutions to experienced specialists;
  5. Learn to write essays, motivation letters, research plans and CVs, and we will edit at the level of native speakers;
  6. Get ready for international tests and interviews and take tests directly in our office;
  7. Entrust the preparation and submission of your introductory documents to professionals;
  8. Simplify your life: order notarized translation of documents, affixing of an apostille;
  9. Get a student visa

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