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Do you dream to study in the USA or Canada? Have you been staring at a prestigious European university for a long time, but are not confident in your abilities? Education abroad is closer than it seems. A preparatory year abroad will help you fill in the gaps, tighten your tongue, and thoroughly prepare for admission and study at a foreign university. Preparatory courses at universities and language schools solve many problems at once:


Admission requirements

Firstly, in many countries, such as the UK and Germany, Russian secondary school certificate is not enough for admission to 1 course. In order to simply be able to apply to an English university, a Russian student will have to complete a year at a higher educational institution in his home country; to enter Germany - 2 years. However, the formal minimum for admission does not guarantee success. A much better chance of getting into the coveted program is given by special training at the international level - in the conditions of the very country in which you want to continue studying. So, British A-levels, a special one-year or two-year program of an advanced school course, is a requirement of most prestigious English universities for both international students and the British themselves. German Studienkolleg on the other hand, it is a program for the preparation of foreign students, which reduces the time for admission and gives an advantage over applicants who have no experience of studying in Germany.


Language and academic training

Another reason to choose an introductory course abroad is of course language and academic training... Sometimes there is absolutely everything - merit, experience, academic performance and zeal - with the exception of one detail: the results of IELTS or TOEFL do not reach the desired score. The experience of living and studying in another country, like nothing else, accelerates language progress. Conversational speech easily comes from everyday communication: with friends, teachers and just the people around you. Along with cultural adaptation, a language habit arises: a year passes and you catch yourself thinking in a foreign language. An even more important point: through classes it is acquired academic vocabulary so much necessary for further successful studies at the university. Finally, adapting to a foreign university system can be quite complex, and is also an important part of preparing for your education.


Auto enrollment

Finally, many preparatory courses suggest possibility of automatic enrollment for 1 course, in case of successful training (and passing tests). For example, courses at universities (especially "subject courses" that suggest an already chosen specialization) often include the opportunity to transfer to 1 course and start studying at the same university the next year. On the other hand, international training schools often have a wide network of partners among the top-ranked universities in the USA, Canada and Europe. Some courses * guarantee * their successful students a place at one of their partner institutions; in others, such guarantees are not required - the admission rate of their students is so 100%.

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Types of training courses by country:



United Kingdom: Foundation Year / A-level courses

Name Foundation weag (foundation) speaks for itself: this type of course is designed to give students all the necessary basic preparation for admission and study in English universities. The main focus is on improving the language level and developing learning skills. The age of the students of the program is usually from 16 to 19 years old, the language level is IELTS 4.5-5.0 (TOEFL 32-35). Also, to enter the program, you must complete 11 grades of school with good grades. Program subjects usually include English, Mathematics, General Subjects, and Elective Specialization (may include Humanities, Arts, Business and Economics, and others). Some universities offer in-depth, specialized training in selected disciplines, such as the Psychology Foundation, Art Foundation, or Business Foundation.

A-level courses it is preparation for the advanced subject exams required for admission to elite British universities. Students prepare for the A-levels - the national final exams that complete the final stage of secondary education in the UK - for 2 years. Usually, 4 subjects are studied and handed over after the first year, and 3 more subjects after the second. Disciplines are selected by the student based on the requirements for admission to the specialty of interest. The average age of students in the program is from 16 to 19 years old, the language level is IELTS 5.5 (TOEFL 46). For admission, you must complete 10 years of school with excellent grades. Successful A-levels graduates go to Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, University College London, King's College London and others.



USA: Pathway Programs / Pre-Masters Programs

Pathway programs Designed for students who wish to enroll in undergraduate studies in the United States, but do not have a sufficient level of language, the required test score (SAT), or the required grades (GPA). The programs allow students to combine academic "loans" (university classes at the level of 1 course) and language and entrance training. The duration of the program is usually 1 year, after which the student is transferred immediately to the 2nd year of his undergraduate program. So, Pathway allows you to save time and money on preparation by integrating admission to the first year of study at the university. The program is also well suited for undecided students, since it is essentially a universal first year of any undergraduate program. At the end of the Pathway, students can choose any discipline, be it Economics, Literature, or Biology.

Pre-masters programs This is an analogue of Pathway for US graduate students. Requirements for admission to the American "graduate school" (that is, a master's or graduate school) can be incredibly high, and competition sometimes goes beyond the reach of all imaginable limits. For example, the percentage of admission to the Ivy League-level school magistracy in any year does not exceed 6%. In such conditions, quality and comprehensive training determines everything. Preparatory Pre-Masters combine everything necessary for admission: students take master's classes, prepare hard for GRE and / or GMAT (master's tests for admission), work on improving oral and written English, and, finally, they just get a comprehensive selection guide programs and educational institution, and admission. Duration of Pre-Masters varies from six months to a year; language level for enrollment begins with TOEFL 60-70.



Canada: Academic Semester / Year

Academic Semester / Year These are language preparation programs for undergraduate or graduate programs at universities in Canada and the USA. Programs last from 24 weeks to a year; courses start available year round. Academic Semester / Year usually includes from 20 to 30 lessons per week, a personalized language plan, individual consultations with a mentor + the ability to take electives (for example, Media Studies, Film Studies, Music, Creative Writing and others).

All schools have a wide range of additional resources: libraries, sports centers, entertainment and educational clubs, cafes, etc. Programs are designed for students with knowledge of the English language between Beginner and Advanced levels: at the beginning of the program testing is carried out, according to which the group and course are determined learning. At the end of the course, students take one of the international exams: IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge ESOL. In addition to Canada, courses are also available in several cities in the USA, UK and Malta.


Europe paris  

Europe: Test Preparation Courses

Test Preparation Courses This is the common name for language and academic courses for admission to European universities. In content, preparatory programs can concentrate on preparing for special language tests (e.g. TestDaF for German, or DELF for French), and preparing for entrance exams (e.g. pre-university program at Charles University, Prague).

Preparation for German and French. Language courses can last from 4 weeks to a year, depending on the desire and needs of the student. Classes accept students from 17 years old, with knowledge of the language from the Beginner level: at the beginning of the course, testing is carried out, which determines which program the student needs. Depending on the intensity of the course, the load is from 20 to 30 lessons per week + independent work. At the end of the course, an international exam is taken. 

Studienkolleg These are introductory programs for foreign applicants at German universities. Admission to the program is possible with a school certificate with honors, or at the end of the 1st year of a Russian university. German language proficiency at level B1-B2 is also required. The training course lasts 1 year, after which the exams required for admission to a German university are passed.

Czech language and preparation for entering Czech universities. Charles University in Prague offers international students to combine intensive Czech language studies with preparation for entrance exams. The preparatory courses include 35 lessons per week and last 1 year (from September to June). Each program begins with an intensive language course "from scratch".


China study  

China: Pre-University Program

For students wishing to study in China, many Chinese universities offer Pre-university programs - preparatory programs for intensive study of the Chinese language and introduction to Chinese culture. The course usually includes 20 to 30 classes from Monday to Friday, and cultural activities and excursions on weekends. The duration of the programs varies from 4 weeks to a year, with the possibility of studying Chinese in Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities. The largest universities offering preparatory courses: Peking University, Shanghai International Studies University, Fudan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zheijang University of Technology and others.

The programs offer training for students with both an elementary level of Chinese (Elementary) and with more advanced levels (Intermediate and Advanced). In addition to training in writing, speaking and listening, the programs offer electives designed to provide a more complete understanding of Chinese culture and, accordingly, language. So, students can choose classes in Chinese Folklore, Classical and Modern Literature, History, Media Culture, Rhetoric, Translation and others.

In their free time, practical workshops on Chinese painting, calligraphy, theater and traditional martial arts (Tai Chi) complement the rich student experience, and weekend excursions to the sights of China allow you to see the country in all its diversity.

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