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Do you want your child to speak English? Learning a language is very important, because during childhood and teenage years it creates a solid language base and develops thinking. Therefore, Global Ambassador is happy to invite your children to group and individual language classes where they can prepare for exams with highly qualified teachers in Yekaterinburg. Choose an appropriate course:

  • NEW! English Speaking Club for students
  • Smart English course
  • Preparation for Basic State Examination and Unified Sate Examination
  • Preparation for standardised American exams SAT, SSAT, ACT, ISEE, etc.
  • Preparation for international exams TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, PET, etc.

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quality GA

Professionalism. Teachers of the Global Ambassador Center are highly qualified, have undertaken internships abroad and have extensive experience working with children and teenagers.

materials for the lesson

Interactivity Combination of games, dialogs, working with cards, creative tasks (learning song lyrics, imitating situations of real communication, project work) make the lesson especially engaging.


Efficiency. The lessons are structured with a view of children psychological development and principles of communicative learning in mind (see Lesson Components). Effective educational packages of the following publishing houses are utilized:LongmanMcMillan,Oxford andCambridge.

Individual class

Individual approach. Learning takes place individually or in groups of up to five people, which allows teacher to pay maximum attention to each student. The program is aligned with individual interests of students.

Lesson Components

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Vocabulary and Grammar

Conversation practice

Language skills

An important aspect of each lesson is the study of new material and revision of the already learned one. Grammar rules and new vocabulary are learned through play. Classes are held completely in English. It allows students to immerse themselves in the language environment, learn to think and express their ideas in a foreign language. The abilities to write, read, speak and hear things correctly develops comprehensively. Students listen to or read adapted texts (depending on their age and level of proficiency), write stories and essays, watch videos with native speakers. Games are the leading activity through which we perceive and understand the world. The use of modern gaming techniques in teaching is an effective way to learn a foreign language with ease and attain permanent knowledge. For that reason we integrate a reward system, tasks requiring a diverse set of skills, and games into class activities.

* Lesson components included in the teaching process depend on the age of the child.

Teachers of language courses for children


Alla Eduardovna Chekanova

Ural State Pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg
Foreign languages

Washington, USA
Secondary School Initiative Program

Princeton, USA
TOEFL Junior Forum for teachers

A teacher with extensive experience working with children and teenagers. Her resume features teaching in secondary schools in Russia and Germany, as well as guidance and teaching at the Ural Pedagogical University. Alla Eduardovna believes that one should speak in a foreign language often and a lot and without the fear of making mistakes. Knowledge comes with practice. She will help you to reach your potential and start speaking, listening, reading and writing in English with confidence.

Lesson Report from the Global Ambassador

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