Education in Thailand: conditions and prospects
Education in Thailand: conditions and prospects


Education in Thailand


Higher education institutions in Thailand are consistently included in the world rankings. Thai higher education degrees are recognized all over the world. In addition, economists assure that against the background of the crisis in Europe and America, it is the countries of the South Asian region that are attracting increased attention from the whole world. Therefore, studying in higher education institutions in Thailand is a reliable investment in the future.

Most of the universities are located in Bangkok, but Phuket also has good universities. For example, Prince of Songkla University is the oldest university in the southern part of Thailand. The date of its creation is 1967, and during this time it managed to establish itself as one of the best higher educational institutions in the Kingdom. It is consistently included in the Top 10 Universities of Thailand, in the Top 200 in the world ranking, and in Southeast Asia it has repeatedly been recognized as the second most popular - after the National University of Singapore. In general, universities are located throughout the country - from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and from Khon Kaen to Phuket.

Thailand is now actively trying to occupy the niche of the best country for education in the Asian region. At the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education (SEAMEO) Conference in Hanoi, Thailand's Minister of Education and Adviser to the Vice President of the SEAMEO Conference, Mr. Pontgtep, said that this is his agency's main task for the next few years. Therefore, Thailand is now very actively investing in education, providing the best technology to universities and attracting the best teachers from the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Universities of Thailand

The list of the best higher education institutions of the Kingdom of Thailand and their QS World University Rankings:

  • Chulalongkorn University (Chulalongkom) world rating No. 252
  • Mahidol University (Mahidol) world ranking No. 283
  • Chiang mai university (Chiang Mai) world ranking No. 551-600
  • Kasetsart University (Casetsart) World Ranking No. 701 +
  • Khon Kaen University (Khon Kaen) World Ranking No. 701 +

Universities offer programs at different levels of education, ranging from bachelors to PhDs. In all major universities in the country, teaching is conducted in Thai and English, in some - only in English. All English speaking teachers are from England, USA, Canada and Australia. They come specially to work in Thailand.

University Application

For foreign students for admission to some universities for undergraduate, a certificate of completion of high school and knowledge of English are enough. However, in general, those students who have one course of study at a Russian university are more likely to enter, since Thailand has a twelve-year education system.

To enter the magistracy, students will have to show a specialist diploma or a bachelor's degree, or an academic certificate, if they are still studying at the time of submitting documents.

For admission to doctoral studies you need a master's degree.

Students will additionally have to provide a letter of motivation, resume, recommendations, demonstrate knowledge of English using the TOEFL / IELTS certificate and pass an interview. Documents are usually certified by a notary and sent by express mail to the university until July.

The cost of education and accommodation

Tuition fees are low, much lower than in some European countries and America. On average, the cost of one academic year is 2000 - 6000 dollars. Monthly living costs are around $ 600 including rent.


Prospects for students who graduate from Thai universities include the following:

  • obtaining an international diploma;
  • universal training programs in demand all over the world, especially in such specialties as business and management, advertising, design and many others;
  • low cost of training and accommodation;
  • the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, familiarity with Thai culture and its customs;

Free individual consultation

If you are interested in studying in Thailand, Global Ambassador specialists will conduct a free consultation for you at which they will provide more detailed information, including: 

  • information about the education system in Thailand;
  • types of educational institutions suitable for you;
  • information about entry requirements in educational institutions;
  • calculation of the cost of training and accommodation;
  • assessment of chances of admission;
  • assessment of the chances of receiving a scholarship / grant;
  • recommendations for the necessary language training and passing standardized tests;
  • information on visa requirements and visa probabilities;
  • information about the opportunity to work while studying;
  • plan and schedule of receipt;
  • information about the pros and cons of education in Thailand and other countries.

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