Education in Canada
Education in Canada



Education in Canada and the benefits of a Canadian student visa

The Canadian government attaches great importance to education, and education system in Canada is one of the best in the worldas it is built in accordance with high standards. Among countries G8 Canada is in second place for financial investments in the development and support of education.

Canada is constantly included the world's top ten places to live, according to UN statistics. This is ensured by the best educational opportunities in Canada, an excellent healthcare system and very low crime rates.

The three largest cities in Canada - Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver - are also consistently ranked among the world's best cities to live. The reason for this is a high standard of living and a variety of social programs for all segments of the population.

Canada is also attractive for its international atmosphere and the ability to work during and after school. The Canadian Immigration Office has developed many programs that allow qualified foreigners to stay here to live and work, attracting more and more foreign nationals each year.

Canadian law supports multiculturalism and co-education among students from different ethnic groups. It cultivates respect for the personality of a person, the desire for freedom, peace and equality. All this gives reason to consider Canada a country of truly wide opportunities.

Benefits of Study Permit Student Visa in Canada

Work permit for spouses of foreign students

Spouses of foreign students who came to study in Canada under Study Permit can apply for a work permit for the duration of the student’s spouse, but no more than the duration of their Study Permit. The right to apply for a work permit does not apply to the spouses of students institutions, such as language schools. Work permits while studying
The law gives the right to all students studying for programs lasting more than 6 months, and with a study permit, will be automatically employed off-campus and work up to 20 hours a week from the very beginning of classes, and work full time during the holidays.

Practice in the specialty while studying

Depending on the course, the student can choose “Co-op course", 4 months a year, work in the specialty will be counted in the payroll instead of classroom hours and paid (1,000-2,000 dollars per month). An important advantage of Canadian education is its practice orientation. Many programs provide for paid internships in the specialty during the period of study.

Work after study

After graduation in Canada, a foreign student has the right to legally work from 8 months to 3 years under the Post Graduation Work Permit program.

The term of the work permit is calculated according to the following rules

- If a student has studied in Canada from 8 months to 2 years, then a work permit is issued for a period not exceeding the duration of the study program.
- If the training program lasted more than 2 years, the work permit is issued for a period of 3 years.

The ratio of quality and prospects is one of the important factors in choosing to study abroad. Studying in Canada compares favorably with other English-speaking countries in the low cost of training and prospects, while not losing the quality of education.
By the way, to remain legally working in Canada is the right of a foreign student, but the success of his employment depends on himself. Educational institutions usually teach their students how to write resumes correctly, give tips on how to look for work in Canada, how to behave in an interview in order to leave a favorable impression, but the final success in finding a job depends on the student himself, on how much he precisely followed the advice given to him on how correctly he compiled his resume and, finally, most importantly, how deeply the knowledge he received during his studies.


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