Education and work in Singapore
Education and work in Singapore




About Singapore

Singapore is one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia. Singapore is famous for its high standard of living and social security, as well as significant progress in the development of areas such as health, science, medicine, business and education.
Unlike other Asian states, Singapore has acquired the features of a Western mentality, such as social tolerance, interest in each person’s personality, desire for education, development of science and business.

Education in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most promising business centers in the world. This city is called “the city of the future”. The Singapore government believes that education is the future of any country, and in accordance with this principle, it strongly supports the education system at all levels of education.

The state pays special attention to the quality of education in Singapore and controls not only state, but also private educational institutions. As a result, Singapore universities occupy very high positions in world rankings.

There are 4 state universities in the country - National University of Singapore, Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore University of Management and Singapore University of Technology and Design. Their activities are financed and regulated by the state. In addition, private and foreign universities in Singapore are represented by a large number of educational institutions, many of which actively cooperate with universities in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Thus, in Singapore, you can get an education in the curriculum of the world's leading universities.

Graduates from Singapore universities are very much in demand by employers around the world. They receive a variety of employment opportunities and continuing education in Singapore itself, other countries in Asia, America and Europe.

Singapore Education System

The secondary education system in Singapore is different from the system adopted in Russia and the CIS countries. Students who wish to enter the University of Singapore are required to undergo preliminary training in the country. A student can study for 1-2 years at a local high school, undergo a one-year preparatory program or study at a college or polytechnic in a chosen specialty.

After completing the preparatory studies in Singapore, the student can choose a suitable undergraduate program and apply for it. In most cases, you will need to pass additional exams, pass an interview or perform testing.

After graduating from undergraduate students can apply for a master's degree. Depending on the specialty, it may also be necessary to pass additional exams, pass an interview or perform testing.

Benefits of Education in Singapore

  • High quality education. Singapore diplomas are recognized all over the world, certificates of all stages of study comply with international standards.
  • The relatively low cost of education compared to other English-speaking countries - from 4,000 - 6,000 dollars per semester.
  • Study is conducted in English. English is the official language of Singapore.
  • The cost of living is significantly lower than in Western countries. From 500 dollars a month.
  • Parents can be calm about their children: Singapore is one of the ten safest countries in the world, since Singapore has very strict laws.
  • For students of economic and financial specialties in Singapore, there is an excellent opportunity to practice or become an employee of leading international enterprises.
  • Singapore provides many opportunities to study under scholarships and grants, and even find a job in Singapore after graduating from a government scholarship program.
  • Studying in Singapore is not only an opportunity to see the Asian world from the inside, but also a chance to meet people from all over the world, broaden your horizons and find friends of various nationalities.

Private University Scholarships

Many universities in Singapore implement their own scholarship programs. In this case, you can choose the university you are interested in, and then study the list of offers. Often these are highly specialized areas that are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly study each program.

Government Financing - Government Scholarship Program

The Ministry of Education of Singapore cooperates with large universities and implements various financing schemes at different levels of education. 

An application for state funding is submitted after you have been accepted to the university. If your scholarship is approved, you will be asked to sign an agreement under which you undertake to work in Singapore for 3 years after graduation. 

Where to start?

To enter the university of Singapore, first of all, you need to choose universities with programs suitable for you and satisfying your requirements. Then examine the criteria, list of documents and deadlines. And after that, you can begin preparing documents for applying to selected universities.

At the initial stage, it is extremely important to carefully select the appropriate universities in order to avoid possible difficulties in the subsequent stages.

How can we help?

Contact the Global Ambassador for a free one-on-one consultation to evaluate your chances of enrolling in a top Singapore university!

At the consultation, the Global Ambassador specialist will provide you with:

  • education system information in Singapore
  • types of educational institutions suitable for you
  • information about entry requirements in educational institutions
  • calculation of tuition and accommodation costs
  • assessment of chances of admission
  • assessment of the chances of receiving a scholarship / grant
  • recommendations for the necessary language training and passing standardized tests
  • information on visa requirements and visa probabilities
  • information about the opportunity to work while studying
  • plan and schedule of receipt.

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