"Global Ambassador", Yekaterinburg, Russia provides international education and consulting services, language trainings, exam preparation and testing services for students from Russia and CIS.

Global Ambassador's mission:

Global Ambassador's mission aims at deepening Russia's integration into the global community by facilitating opportunities for its people in cross-cultural development through the study of foreign languages, immersion in foreign cultures, participation in short-term and long-term educational opportunities abroad. 


Global Ambassador's areas of expertise:

The specialists of Global Ambassador help their clients pursue international education opportunities in the following areas: secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate education, MBA and short-term language courses in different parts of the world.

Global Ambassador also advises on scholarship opportunities and provides various language courses and specialized workshops to acquire the necessary skills for the application process.

Since September of 2009 Global Ambassador has become the only officially accredited provider of TOEFL iBT examination in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Global Ambassador's Competitive Edge in International Educational Consulting:

Personalized approach and comprehensive consulting in the following areas: secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate education, MBA in different parts of the world

All specialists of Global Ambassador have extensive personal experience with international education programs of various levels in different parts of the world, including the United States, China, South Korea and etc.

Global Ambassador's particular area of expertise lies in consulting on scholarships and grants opportunities and in developing effective strategies for securing financial support for different study abroad programs.

Global Ambassador has developed a tight network of clients by serving as an international department for a number of secondary school in Yekaterinburg and other nearby cities.

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