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Do you know that...

OKCzech universities offer free or affordable education

OKthere is a possibility of receiving financial support

OKThe Czech education system is identical to the Russian education system, so entering or transferring from a Russian university to a Czech university is quite simple.

OK26 state higher education institutions and 44 private universities operate in the Czech Republic

OK369 students study at Czech universities annually, 307 of whom are foreigners

What you should know about higher education in the Czech Republic

Types of degrees: Bc., BcA., Mgr. (Master of Science), MgA. (control), MUDr. (medicine), Mgr. Ing (engineering), Mgr. Arch. (architecture)

Learning Languages: Czech, English

Duration of registration for the program: February (winter semester) March (summer semester)

Cost of programs: Czech education is free in public schools, in private 2 -000 / year

Cost of living: about 350-750 / month (accommodation, meals, public transport)


Levels of Higher Education in the Czech Republic

 Bachelor's program 

 Postgraduate / Postgraduate Studies 

 MBA in the Czech Republic

Undergraduate (Bachelor) - This is the first stage of higher professional education and is basic; Duration of study - 3-4 years. Master (Master) - This is the second stage of higher education. Duration of study - 1-3 years (after undergraduate studies) and 4-6 years (training combines undergraduate and master studies);

Graduate School (PhD) - Candidate of Sciences, the average duration of studies is 3 years. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - professional qualification degree in management.
Admission requirements

• school certificate
• proof of language proficiency:

- for training in English: TOEFL iBT 71+, IELTS 5.5+ 

- for studying in the Czech language: a certificate confirming knowledge of the Czech language at the level of B1-B2 (above average).

Perhaps taking a one-year Czech language course at the University of the Czech Republic;

• entrance examinations (taught 2 written tests).

Profile of a successful candidate for admission to master's programs in the Czech Republic:


• a bachelor's degree or a specialist in a related specialty (for some specialties),
• average score of the diploma 4.1 - 5.0
• active academic / scientific activity
• recommendations of teachers and / or employers

Language training

• English TOEFL ibt 90+ or ​​IELTS 6.5+

• certificate confirming knowledge of the Czech language at the level B1-B2

Leadership qualities

• confirmation of an active social, student, sports life
• international experience is welcome

Features of MBA programs in the Czech Republic:

Cost: from $ 7000-8000 / year

Duration of study: 1-2 years

Requirements for prior education vary from university to university.

Admission conditions:

• certificate of completion of secondary general complete education
<br>• bachelor / specialist diploma

• work experience in a related specialty from 2 years
• recommendations from the place of work

Proof of English: 

• for teaching in English TOEFL iBT 79+, IELTS - 6.5+
• for teaching in the Czech language: a certificate confirming knowledge of the Czech language at the level of B1-B2 (it is possible to take a one-year Czech language course at a university in the Czech Republic);
• summary
• motivation letter


Czech universities rating

Country rating


World ranking


Masaryk university   



Charles University  



Czech Technical University     



University of west bohemia       



University of Technology Brno       



Palacky university        



Technical University Ostrava       



University of Economics Prague         



University of south bohemia        



Czech University of Life Sciences Prague



Tomas Bata University     



University of pardubice     



Institute of Chemical Technology Prague      



Technical University of Liberec



Silesian university      



Purkyne university         



Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno        



Ostrava University         



University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science Brno       



University of Hradec Králové


How can you get higher education in the Czech Republic:

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