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OK Higher education in the Republic of Bulgaria is your chance to continue your education at any level, as well as get a diploma of higher education in a European university without entrance exams.
OK The total costs spent on education are much lower than similar costs for paid education in other countries.
OK The diploma obtained in Bulgaria is a European diploma and is recognized by all EU countries.

What is important to know about higher education in Bulgaria

Types of degrees: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Graduate

Learning Languages: Bulgarian, English (American University of Bulgaria)

Language training: when studying in Bulgarian, 9-month intensive Bulgarian language courses are offered, which are offered by the Department of Language Studies of the Institute of Foreign Students (DIA - IIS) at St. Clement Ohridski Sofia State University.

Tuition: foreign students pay for their tuition, the cost of which is annually set and approved by the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria in the amount for the current academic year. A semester breakdown of tuition fees is allowed. Students with a second Bulgarian citizenship will pay half of the tuition fee established for foreign citizens if they are enrolled in study on the conditions of admission established for foreign citizens.

Work while studying: foreign students are allowed to earn extra money while studying, obtaining special permission for this is not required.

American University of Bulgaria

This is a private higher education institution, where the curriculum is built on the model of the American liberal arts education. The liberal arts education system pays special attention to the development of such skills as critical thinking and the ability to solve specific problems. The American University in Bulgaria is accredited by the Commission of Higher Education Institutions in the USA and by the act of the General National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria. The university is located in Blagovgrad, Bulgaria.

10 reasons to choose American University in Bulgaria


The diploma is internationally recognized: the university is accredited in the United States and Bulgaria, and all students receive a European diploma supplement.


High quality education ensures a successful career for graduates.


Talented and active students and a vibrant international environment: 37% of the total number of students are international students representing 35 countries.


International teaching staff: 52% of the teaching staff are representatives of foreign universities, of which 30% are teachers of US universities.


An individual approach of teachers to students.


An environment that stimulates freedom of thought and opinion.


Flexible individual training program.


A busy student life: lectures, concerts, games, extracurricular activities.


Successful graduates who occupy leading positions and enter the best postgraduate universities in the USA and Europe.


Financial support: financial assistance, scholarships, opportunities to work on campus, work and study programs.

American University Studies Programs in Bulgaria

Each student chooses one primary specialty, as well as one additional specialty.

List of Major Specialties

List of additional specialties

Business administration

• Computer techologies

• Economics

• The science of European integration

• History of civilizations

• Information Systems

• Journalism and mass communication

• Maths

• Politics and international relations

• Anthropology

• Computer techologies

• Economics

• The science of European integration

• Arts

• History

• Information systems and mass communications

• Literature

• Maths

• Philosophy and religion

• Politics and international relations

• Journalism and mass communication

• Regional Studies: Southeastern Europe

Introductory Requirements

Introductory form


Letters of recommendation from teachers

TOEFL / IELTS Results (University offers free institutional TOEFL)

SAT Exam Results (University Offers Free Institutional SAT)

Application deadline for the fall semester: March 1 (early decision), June 1 (regular admission)

Tuition and Accommodation

Tuition and Accommodation Additional expenses

$ 9,300.00

Food $ 1,200.00
Accommodation expenses

$ 1,170.00

Textbooks $ 300.00
Student fee

$ 250.00

Medical insurance $ 120.00

$ 10,720.00

Schengen visa 100.00

Study Abroad Opportunities

Currently, the American University in Bulgaria has agreements with the following educational institutions and programs:

University of maine, Orono, maine

• celocal or annual exchange

State University of New York, Fredonia, New York

• thisone-year or annual exchange

European Program ERASMUS

• Psemester or one-year exchange programs at state universities of the European Union

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