Higher education in Australia



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Australia ranks 3rd in the world for the number of international students, second only to the US and the UK


5 of the top 30 cities for students in the world are located in Australia


7 of the top 100 universities in the world are in Australia


What you should know about higher education in Australia


Degree types: Bachelor's, Master's, PhD

Language of study:  English (be aware that most admissions committees give preference to IELTS test results)

Registration deadlines for the program:  for the summer semester - until mid-November, for the winter - until the end of May

Tuition: Undergraduate 14,000-35,000 AUD/year, Master's 15,000-36,000 AUD/year

Cost of living: on campus 80-250 AUD/week, apartment 100-400 AUD/week It is recommended to have a living allowance of at least AUD 18,000 per academic year.

Employability of graduates: дAustralian university diplomas are recognized by employers all over the world, however, not all graduates have the right to stay to work in Australia after completing their studies. In each case, the graduate should refer to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIBP) website.


Higher education levels in Australia


Bachelor's program


 Graduate School (PhD)

Bachelor's program (Bachelor, BA or BSc) is the first stage of higher professional education, which is basic.

Master's (Master, MA, MSc) is the second stage of higher education.

Graduate School (PhD, ScD) - the stage of higher education associated with the preparation for the competition of a scientific degree and the defense of a qualifying work (dissertation).

Preparatory Course: 

In order to enter undergraduate programs, Russian graduates, in addition to school, must complete 1 year of a Russian university or pass a preparatory program at an Australian university (Foundation program).

Preparatory Course:

not mandatory, but possible at the request of the applicant to receive additional language training or take the missing courses in the undergraduate program.

Preparatory Course:

not mandatory, but possible at the request of the applicant to receive additional language training or pass the missing courses (credits).

Duration of training: 3-4 years


Duration of training: 1-2 years


Duration of training: from 3 years

Entry requirements (landmark):

1. School certificate

2. 1 year of study at a Russian university / completion of the Foundation program in Australia

3. Confirmation of knowledge of English TOEFL iBT 80+, IELTS 6.0+


Entry requirements (landmark):

1. Age is over 21 years

2. Diploma of a specialist in a related specialty or bachelor's degree + work experience (for MBA programs)

3. Diploma average score 4.1.- 5.0

4. Active academic/scientific activity

5. Recommendations from teachers and/or employers

6. English language IELTS 6.5+/TOEFL iBT 85+   

7 *. Confirmation of an active social, student, sports life

8 *. International experience is welcome




How can you get higher education in Australia:

- Find out all about your educational opportunities in Australia and other countries at a free consultation (40-60 minutes);
– Find out how you can get a scholarship or grant to study in Australia;
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— Prepare for international tests and interviews and take tests right in our office;
— Entrust the preparation and submission of your application package to professionals; 
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- Get a student visa. 

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To get a free consultation, send a request to a specialist


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