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Language training for business and professions

Professional language courses, unlike general programs, are specifically designed for specialists in any profession or business area. The course program, specific to each industry, helps to acquire the necessary vocabulary and deal with terminology, learn the basics of international business etiquette, improve professional communication and presentation skills in a foreign language, master the technologies of business negotiations (business), deal with the peculiarities of foreign contracts and official documents , learn how to compose business, technical and professional texts, and, finally, study the features (terminological and functional) of your profession abroad. A professional language course is a long-term investment in your career development at the international level, and your knowledge and skills are a serious asset for any company with connections abroad.

Professional language courses abroad are usually organized conveniently to combine with work: courses last from 1 to 3 weeks, or lined up in modules (for example, 2-3 two-week modules per year) if longer-term preparation is needed. Programs are organized at the best international language schools and top world universities. Courses are taught by both linguists and professionals in your industry - invited experts from the world's leading companies.

Courses are available in business, management and administration, marketing and communications, economics, banking and finance, law, engineering, medicine, culinary arts, education and other professions. Programs are available in all geographical areas and languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and others.


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