English Speaking Club in Yekaterinburg

Do you blush and turn pale for fear of saying something wrong? Can't find the words? Do not understand what is at stake and therefore cannot formulate an answer? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, the English Speaking Club will help you in solving these problems.

Global Ambassador organized clubs for various levels of language proficiency with you in mind. Their aim is to accelerate language acquisition process or improve your command of English. Clubs enable you to learn how to speak fluently and correctly and adequately understand oral speech, as well as master new vocabulary and grammatical structures. 


materials for the lesson  

Speaking Club

for students of Beginner & Pre-Intermediate level

As a supplement to the main activities. Helps to significantly speed up the acquisition of English.


Smart talk

for students with above Intermediate level of English

It works as a separate additional lesson to improve knowledge of the English language. 




 Meeting schedule

To participate in club's meetings, please sign up in advance online or by phone. 

Choose a session and fill out a short registration form

 Type of meeting


 Leading  Nearest date

 Speaking Club 18 +

 for Beginner & Pre-Intermediate levels


 Saturday 14: 15-15: 45



This saturday!

 Smart Talk 18 +

 for Intermediate + level


Saturday at 16: 00-17: 30



This saturday!


Sign up



Pay for attendance at our office before the session or via Sberbank Online

500 rubles.

for 1 session

1'800 RUB 

4 sessions membership

Free options

for students of  Smart English courses






 Meeting Topics

Topics are chosen by the participants of our club during the sessions themselves. You can enquire about the next topic when signing up for the session with our administrator. 

And to keep abreast of changes and new topics, join our groups in social networks   vk small  fb


 Talk Club Leaders

Andal round  


Aireen Grace Andal


University of the Philippines (Philippines) - Bachelor of Art Sociology

Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg) - Master in Demography

Aireen holds English Conversation practice classes at Global Ambassador. Her clubs are distinguished by a friendly and fun atmosphere that allows students to relax and relieves the stress of speaking in a foreign language. Since the teacher speaks only English, the students are immediately immersed into the language and it serves to overcome language barrier.


How useful is an English speaking club?

In the format of a conversation club, first of all, speaking in English is pumped (the ability to build and pronounce logically and grammatically related oral messages in a foreign language, activation of the lexical stock) and listening (that is, the ability to recognize words, grammatical constructions, perception of a logically connected message in a foreign language )

Additional effects of participating in conversation clubs are development:

  • emotional intelligence (you need to understand the emotions, feelings, worldview of other participants, adapt your own emotionality and attitude for effective communication)

  • socialization (expanding social horizons and adapting to more models of social interaction) and general outlook (study of new topics, relevant research, phenomena)

  • development of oral communication skills

  • overall positive effect on the development of executive functions of the brainthat has a significant long-term effect on various areas of human activity.

  • new interesting acquaintances!

Photos of club meetings

discussion galery 1 discussion galery 3 discussion galery 5 discussion galery 4 

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