Second online session with The Language Game with Professor Harvard University Dr. Bruno della Chiesa!

Register for the upcoming Language Game session:

The Art of Disagreeing in Cross-Cultural Contexts

with prof. Dr. Bruno della Chiesa (read more in Wikipedia) & Evgeniya Efremova, Ed.M.

During the session participants will be assigned to teams to work on a solution to a case, followed by a presentation to an expert. Each group will be led by a facilitator whose task is to help a team to work as efficiently as possible to accomplish the tasks. Our teams' facilitators:

  • Aireen Andal Grace - PhD Student, Ural Federal University, Cross-Cultural Communications Specialist at Global Ambassador
  • Anastasia Zhdanova - Fulbright Scholar, Deputy Academic Director at Global Ambassador
  • Adam Petty - Graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education, Study Abroad Advisor at Pomona College
  • Greg Murray - Graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education, College Admission & Profile Development Specialist, English Language Trainer.

  • When: 25 April and 2 May 2020

    Time: 06:00 pm (UTC +5)

    Place: Online & Worldwide (Zoom)

    Linguistic requirement: English (B2 or above)

    Want all the details? Read the PDF file with complete description of the event :)

    During this session you will:

    • Learn about the typical differences in the culture of disagreement across the globe and useful strategies to recognize signs when something 'goes wrong'
    • Practice 'disagreement' with an international peer and receive honest feedback about your words' emotional impact.
    • Solve and present a case-study as a part of an internationally mixed team and receive feedback from an expert

    What is "the Language Game"?

    The Language Game is a genuine Cross-Cultural Communication Space. The Language Game is a virtual cross-cultural communication environment that brings together English language speakers and learners of diverse cultural, linguistic and other backgrounds. Our topic-based sessions build your intercultural awareness and effective cross-cultural communication skills through immediate interaction with international peers in the English Language.

    The project is a joint effort supported by Harvard Graduate School of Education's faculty and graduates and Global Ambassador International Education.

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