What improvements have appeared for TOEFL iBT dealers?
What improvements have appeared for TOEFL iBT dealers?

What improvements have appeared for TOEFL iBT dealers?

The test development company is constantly working to improve the registration process and passing the TOEFL iBT exam to make it more convenient for test takers around the world. We have prepared for you a list of recent significant improvements:

  1. Find out your result in the Reading & Listening parts right away. Now you can find out your unofficial score in the Reading and Listening parts after the test. This will help you evaluate your abilities and decide on which universities to send results to.
  2. Raise your score for your final exam with MyBest Scores. Even if your result in any part is lower than last time, do not worry. Starting August 1, 2019, the TOEFL Results Report automatically includes MyBest Scores. This is a list of your best scores for each section of the tests that you have passed in the past 2 years. More than 100 universities around the world accept this kind of results.
  3. Save time. As of February 2020, the test time is 3 hours, which is 30 minutes less than last year's version. The format of the exam has not changed, but the number of questions in the parts Reading, Listening and Speaking has decreased.
  4. ... and nerves. Now you can find out the test results online 6 days after the day of passing the TOEFL.
  5. Are you sure that you could not cope with something? Retake the test in a week! The time between retakes was reduced to 3 days. Check with your nearest testing center for available dates.
  6. Registration? No panic! You can register online for the exam just 2 days before the exam. However, remember that late registration requires an additional fee.

You can start preparing for the exam in group courses with our teachers:

  • TOEFL Maximizer
    Level: Upper-Intermediate and Advanced
    Course Duration: 2 months
    Course start: February 29, 2020, but you can still join March 10
  • TOEFL Intensive
    Level: Intermediate
    Course Duration: 3 months
    Course start: March 14, 2020

Use promotional code “PIGEON”to get a discount 10% of the course price.

You can find out the nearest exam dates, the details of the promotion and sign up for courses at the administrator or on the page TOEFL Preparation.

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