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The TOEFL Intensive course is designed to provide in-depth preparation for each of the TOEFL iBT parts. The duration of the course (3 months) and the structure of the lessons allow you to fully prepare for the test, taking the Intermediate level as a basis. As part of the course, you will learn the tactics of taking the TOEFL iBT effectively and work through the test tasks with an experienced Global Ambassador teacher. Immersion in a language environment will also help you overcome language barriers and improve your speaking and listening skills. Our goal is to help provide you with the most complete understanding of all parts of the test and the highest level of preparation.

Global Ambassador is the official partner of the ETS laboratory - the developer of the TOEFL test.


 Course start 

 April 16, 2019 *


 12 weeks (72 hours) **


 3-7 people

 Minimum level 

 Intermediate and

 Preliminary testing 

 Mandatory by appointment


 Вторник 19:00-21:15, Четверг 19:00–21:15


7200 rubles / month, or 21600 rubles / course

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** The course is calculated in academic hours. Academic hour is 45 minutes.
*** When ordering one of the packages of services for admission to higher education programs, you will receive 10% discount from the specified cost! 



Quality Assurance from Global Ambassador

At Global Ambassador, we are ready to fully vouch for the quality of our classes. We know you will like it with us!

Therefore, we offer you a 100% guarantee of the return of your funds, if after the third lesson you decide to leave the TOEFL Intensive course.


 Benefits of TOEFL Intensive

  1. Course intense and long lasting. The structure and duration of the course allows you to carefully prepare for TOEFL iBT from the "zero level".

  2. Classes are held in English. Complete immersion in the language environment guarantees the removal of language barriers, rapid progress, and additional preparation for the parts Listening and Speaking.

  3. Course focuseson successful surrender tactics TOEFL iBT. Like any other standardized test, TOEFL has its own characteristics of passing. We offer you not only language training, but also an in-depth study of the test structure and the basic skills necessary to achieve the highest possible score. 

  4. The course involves a significant amount of work for independent study. Completed assignments are sent to the teacher by e-mail before class. Thus, the class is modeled based on your needs: the Global Ambassador's teachers analyze the mistakes in execution with the group, consider the difficulties that have arisen and develop the best strategy to overcome them.

  5. The practical part of the lessons takes place in the TOEFL computer laboratory, where the test conditions are recreated.
  6. Compact group size allows the most individual approach to each student.

  7. The duration of the lessons (3 academic hours) is calculated in the most optimal way for assimilating large volumes of new information without overwork.

  8. We strive to create you convenient schedule. Classes are held after working hours and / or on weekends.

  9. All students are provided full access to the training materials of the center, including training tests that replicate the TOEFL, and training textbooks from leading global publishers (Cambridge University Press, Barron's, Kaplan, ETS).

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