Please read the TOEFL iBT Testing Guidelines. The above rules are binding. Failure to comply with these rules may result in denial of admission to the test.

Please pay attention.

1. Arrival time at the testing center and registration for the test:

TOEF iBT dealers are advised to arrive at the testing center 30 minutes before Test start time indicated in the registration form. Latecomers are allowed to be late for no more than 30 minutes since the start of testing.

2. What you need to have with you on the day of testing:

1. Valid ID:

- Original overseas passports (COPIES NOT ACCEPTED)


- Original Russian passports and original driver's license

The spelling of the name and surname in the registration form on TOEFL must coincide with their spelling in the passport.

The identity card should also include your signature and recognizable photo.

2. Registration number - print out the Registration Confirmation Form from your profile on and provide it on the day the test is completed.

IMPORTANT: a day before the date of testing, go to your profile and confirm the appointed time and testing status, as in rare cases, changes in the time and date of testing are possible.

You are NOT ALLOWED to use your paper, pens, pencils and other stationery. You will receive paper with pencils for the exam at the testing center.

You must have with you an additional identification card in case a testing center employee asks you to provide it. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to take the test.

3. On the day of testing:

- Administrators of the testing center are not allowed to change the start time of testing.

- Friends and relatives are not allowed in the testing center during the testing period.

- You must rewrite and sign the Confidentiality Statement ("Non-disclosure subscription") before testing. If you refuse to sign the Confidentiality Statement, you are not allowed to test.

- Before you start testing you will be photographed and recorded a sample of your voice. Your photo will be displayed on the computer screen on which you will be tested.

- You will be provided with recording paper. All issued paper must be returned at the end of the test.

- In case of problems raise your hand.

- The testing process can be recorded on the camcorder.

- All identification documents may be subject to additional verification, even if the candidate is allowed to take the test.

- The administrator of the test is obliged to check you using a hand-held metal detector in order to detect mobile phones, electronic and other prohibited devices and objects.

4. Personal items

An identity card as well as a registration form are the only valid personal items in the testing room. You are not allowed to bring or use cell phones or any other electronic equipment.

Any violations of the registration procedure at the testing center or the established rules may result in suspension from the test or a ban on passing the test in the future.

5. Testing time: the test lasts 4-4.5 hours

Alarms on watches or other devices are not allowed.

Going beyond the allotted time for testing is not allowed.

6. Breaks

- In the middle of testing, a mandatory 10-minute break will take place

- If you are late from the break, you can be suspended from exams

- Raise your hand if you need to leave your seat for any reason.

- If you need to leave the testing room, you must present an identity card when you exit and enter the testing room.

- You are not allowed to use your cell phone during a test or during breaks.

7. Possible reasons for suspension from testing

You may be suspended from testing, or the results of your testing may be canceled if you:

- Pass the test for someone, or someone passes the test for you

- Do not provide a valid identity card

- Use unacceptable ways to access the test or testing information

- Use and carry a cell phone with you during testing or during a break.

- Use mechanical pencils, a pen, calculators, watches, books, brochures, dictionaries, electronic equipment, etc., not authorized by the organizers for use on the test.

- The administrator has the right to make a decision on suspension from testing in case of "destructive" actions on your part.

8. Not allowed:

- Conversations and other forms of communication

- Attempts to copy or liquidate test materials, as well as notes made during testing

- Work on testing at a time when this is not allowed

- The presence of any type of weapon

- Leave the testing room without administrator permission during the test or break

- Availability of food, drinks, cigarettes in the testing room

- ETS reserves the right to take all necessary actions in case of violation of the rules for testing.

Good luck on the test!

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