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Going to American high schools or planning to pursue a bachelor's degree from a US university or college? The provision of suitable standardized test scores for verbal and math skills is a requirement in most American educational institutions. Global Ambassador offers personalized training for ISEE or SSAT - for high school admission, - and SAT: or ACT- for admission to undergraduate programs.

Global Ambassador Studying Center is the first and only official provider of ACT test in Yekaterinburg and the Ural Federal District. 

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Individual preparation for SAT, ACT, ISEE and SSAT


ACT (American College Testing) - A standardized test for undergraduate admission to colleges and universities in the United States. The test includes 4 sections: English (grammar and rhetoric), reading (social, humanities, natural sciences), mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry), scientific reasoning (biology, geography, chemistry, physics), as well as an optional written test (essay). The total duration is 2 h. 35 min .; additional 30 min is allotted for essay writing.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) - A standardized test for high school graduates preparing to apply to undergraduate programs of American universities and colleges. The test measures verbal skills and mathematical logic. The verbal part includes such sections as critical reading, filling in gaps in sentences, correction of sentences, correction of essays, finding errors in sentences, and writing an analytical essay. The mathematical components evaluates the ability to solve problems from different areas of mathematics. The exam runs 3 h. 45 min

SSAT (The Secondary School Admissions Test) - a standardized test for schoolchildren from 3rd to 11th grades entering secondary educational institutions. The test is offered in three versions: Elementary Level (for students in grades 3-4), Middle Level (for students in grades 5-7) and Upper Level (for students in grades 8-11). The test includes 5 sections: essay, verbal logic, 2 math sections, reading. The test is designed for 2 hours. 30 min.

ISEE (The Independent School Entrance Examination) - a standardized test designed for applicants to secondary educational institutions. Like the SSAT, this exam can be taken at one of three levels (Lower, Middle, Upper), depending on the student's class of study. The test consists of 5 sections: verbal logic, 2 math sections, reading, essay. The test is designed for 2 hours. 45min.


 Features and structure of preparation 

Individual preparation and Online-lessons SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT are one-on-one lessons with an experienced specialist, allowing you to pay special attention to preparing for each section of the test, taking into account your knowledge and level of language proficiency. The training is designed for students of Intermediate level and above. In the course of preparation for the test, the listener masters in detail the basic types of tasks and strategies for their implementation; takes separate sections of the test and analyzes the results. A personal teacher identifies the most difficult moments and focuses on developing special skills and abilities to improve the quality of the test. Thus, the training program is built in accordance with your knowledge and needs.

Mini-groups SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE are designed to familiarize you in detail with tactics and approaches for successful delivery, work out the applicable vocabulary and the most difficult tasks together with an experienced specialist, carry out multiple test delivery of individual sections of the test and analyze the mistakes made in order to improve the results ... The preparation is most effective for students of Intermediate levels and above.

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Exam preparation includes 4 components:

The preparation for the mathematical and verbal parts is carried out by different specialists with the appropriate qualifications. All classes are held in English. Go through test to determine your English proficiency level

Test structure and passing strategies

The first preparation component will provide you with an intimate familiarity and understanding of the test structure and logic. Together with the coach, you will go over the sequence of parts, types of questions and strategies for passing the test.

Analytical letter

You will cover different types of essay assignments, requirements and "expectations" regarding the end product, and grading system. The practical part revolves around essay writing and analysis of the results.

Verbal Logic and Information Analysis

This part includes intensive work on expanding vocabulary and text analysis training for the GRE and GMAT. You will analyze the types of questions, logical "pitfalls" and practice passing tests. 

Mathematical thinking

Preparation for the mathematical part includes a complete revision of the necessary material and intensive training in problem-solving for GRE and GMAT.

Cost and class schedule

Duration and schedule: are determined individually.


Individual training

Online classes

Mini group

 afternoon classes (from 8: 30 - 16: 00) - 2200 rub (90 minutes) 

 evening classes (after 16: 00) - 2300 rub (90 minutes)

 60 minutes - 1600 rubles.

 90 minutes - 2300 rubles.

90 minutes - 1200 rubles.


Groups: We can offer mini-group classes at a special price, provided that a minimum number of students signs up for them. Information about group enrolment is posted on the corresponding webpage, stay tuned! If you want to create your own group, call us (343) 385 – 11 – 53, or request a free call back by clicking on the “Sign up” button at the bottom of the page. 

NEW! In the course of their preparation, students take separate sections of the test and analyze the results together with a specialist on SAT, ACT, SSAT or ISEE.

* All courses are measured in academic hours. One academic hour is equal to 45 minutes.



Pay for classes in a way that suits you: 

1. At our office. Administrator accepts cash or credit card payments. 

2. Via a bank transfer. Call tel: + 7 (343) 385-11-53 and ask the administrator to send you an invoice. You can settle the invoice at a branch of any bank or via your online banking. 

3. Via Sberbank Online. Press the button and pay with a card of any bank. 


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