Evgenia Efremova


Evgenia Efremova - Academic Director of Global Ambassador and Master of Harvard University

Evgenia has many years of personal experience of studying at secondary and higher education programs in the USA and China. She successfully prepares students for admission to the top education programs abroad, develops and conducts copyright courses on preparing entrance documents and problems of entering the best educational programs in the world.

Evgenia's students study at programs at Harvard University, Columbia University, NYU, Warwick University, UCL, London School of Economics and Political Sciences and many others. Many of them received scholarships and grants. At Global Ambassador, Evgenia organizes all the processes associated with the admission of students to secondary, higher and postgraduate education programs, as well as preparation of students for international exams.

Extensive experience in international education and professional activities in different countries make Evgenia a truly unique expert in the field of education. In the summer of 2014, Eugene became the only participant from Russia on the program Harvard University (3-th place in the world, QS) on issues of admission to competitive universities.

Eugene graduated Master's program at Harvard University in the direction of Education and Neuroscience. She, too, is a graduate and scholarship holder at prestigious US universities: Mount Holyoke College (41 place in USA, US News) and programs Johns Hopkins University (17-th place in the world, QS) in China, has qualification certificates British Council ICEF and Harvard University.

Evgenia was awarded a membership at the oldest honorable society in the United States for her outstanding academic achievements - Phi Beta Kappa Society.. Among its members were 17 US presidents, 38 judges of the US Supreme Court and 136 Nobel Laureates.

Working at a Swiss consulting company CH-ina in Shanghai (China), Eugenia became a co-author of the book “China Human Resource Paradox”. Eugenia is also a co-author of presentations for interstate symposia as a result of her work in Korea Institute for International Politics in Seoul (South Korea).

Evgenia is fluent in English and Chinese.

Professional certification: icef small bc harvard

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