Translation of documents

Global Ambassador delivers a fast professional service of document translation with an option of their subsequent notarization.


For individuals: translation of documents

• for admission to foreign educational institutions

• for visa applications

• for employment abroad

• for residence permit & citizenship applications

• notarization of translations, legalization by means of an apostille at the Ministry of Justice

If you need a prompt and accurate notarized translation of documents for visa application (notarized translation of a statement of income, 2-NDFL, account statements, certificates of ownership, etc.), for admission to foreign educational institutions (notarized translation of diploma, certificate of education, diplomas & certificates, transcripts, etc.) or for any other purpose, the professionals of Global Ambassador Center will be there to help you.

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For companies: translation of documents

• contracts, acts, accounts, invoices, cheques, etc.

• charter and accounting documents

• passports, certificates, powers of attorney.

• operating manuals, technical data sheets


Among our clients are: 



Глобал Амбассадор гарантирует: 

• Top expertise of translators: our translators studied and/ or interned abroad for extended periods of time. 

• Full safety and confidentiality of documents submitted for translation

• Best value for money without a translation quality trade-off


 Стоимость услуг перевода документов и сопутствующих услуг:

 Language for translation

Цена за 1000 знаков с пробелами*, руб.

 С иностранного языка на русский

 С русского языка на иностранный

 Translation into a foreign language by a NATIVE SPEAKER


 325  =275 

 375  =325

New! 425


 600  = 490

 685  =575 

 New! 490 

 German, French



 New! 470 

 Итальянский, испанский



 New! 490 

 Польский, венгерский, сербский, хорватский, румынский,  болгарский, македонский, литовский, латышский, эстонский




 Украинский, белорусский



New! 285

 Португальский, греческий, голландский, турецкий, финский,  шведский, норвежский, датский, чешский, словенский,  словацкий




 Японский, корейский, вьетнамский, арабский, иврит




 Other languages


 * Priority service (more than 10 000 characters / day) + 50%


 Methods of payment

To initiate a translation service, please make an advance payment of 500 rubles. 

To receive a finished translation, please confirm final cost with the translator and make a payment using a method that is most convenient for you.  


Pay for our services in a convenient way that suits you: 

1. At our office. Administrator accepts cash or credit card payments. 

2. Via a bank transfer. Please request an invoice that you can then settle at a branch of any bank or via online banking. 

3. Via a commission-free payment system. Press the button and pay with a card of any bank. 



Обращайтесь, чтобы получить профессиональный перевод документов в Екатеринбурге for visa applications, admission to a foreign educational institution, etc., notarization, in a short amount of time. 


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