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We will develop for you a professional school profile in accordance with the best standards, which will be adapted to your academic goals and will increase your chances of enrollment.

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What is a transcript?

A transcript of grades, unlike a regular report card, includes not only the student's grades, but also contains additional data about the student's academic history and achievements. The transcript contains a list of subjects and shows the student's grades for the quarter, semester and year. The transcript calculates the student's average grade for each semester and a weighted average grade (WeighedGPA). Weighed GPA is used by schools to more accurately measure a student's academic performance. The fact is that the Weighed GPA takes into account not only the grade for the subject, but also the complexity of the subject and is calculated using a special formula.

In addition to grades and the average mark, the document shows the student's rating in the classroom or school compared with other students, includes contact information of the class teacher, name and date of birth of the student. In addition to grades and contact information, the document must take into account all the additional academic activity of the student. The list of standardized exams passed, previous places of study, information on student participation in exchange programs, social activities at / outside the school, participation / status in school clubs, and participation, victories or prizes in school, city, international and other olympiads / competitions is indicated in which the student participated. The transcript illustrates student motivation, individual activity, involvement in the local community, its abilities and interests.

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What is a School Profile (profile or school profile)?

School Profile can be described as a school summary, which provides information about the history and education system of the institution, student assessment system, national rating, institution awards and other known or little-known facts that somehow highlight this particular school or make the institution unique.

The profile usually contains information about the history of the institution. The history of foundation, location, size, available accreditations, as well as statistics are briefly described - for example: the number of students and their nationality and age in percentage.

The profile also includes a description of the curriculum, the number of subjects, classes, duration of lessons, as well as basic and elective subjects, mandatory community service. The grading and rating system describes grades that are given to students in relation to 0-100% percentages or international AF ratings for ease of understanding by a foreign admissions committee. The SP describes a method for calculating the GPA grade point average and reports whether schools rate their students based on their academic performance.

Final exam results show the percentage of average students in a given institution compared to national or city results.

The profile also includes school awards and represents the teaching staff. The ranks, awards for olympiads or competitions and other titles of the institution and the level of education / length of service / titles / awards of teachers are listed. In addition, the school profile contains information about where graduates entered, shows a list of the most prominent universities where graduates of this school were accepted.

This is not a complete list of information and facts that may be contained in the profile of the school. This document is not compiled by all schools and not all higher education institutions require it from applicants upon admission. But by attaching this document to his introductory package of documents, the applicant receives an advantage, especially if this applicant studied in another country.

It must be remembered that in another country the selection committee is not familiar with the education system in Russia, and, accordingly, it is difficult for her to judge who you are and how trained you are. For example, if you have a low GPA, or if you have several low grades in certain subjects, the admissions committee may feel like you are doing poorly in your studies.

A well-designed profile will help show the admissions committee that your grade is actually above average in your class or even above average than in the whole school. On the other hand, if you have maximum scores for all subjects and grades, the school profile can strengthen your candidacy by showing how difficult it is to get maximum scores in your school. Thus, the school profile distinguishes you from other candidates, and helps the admissions committee make a more deliberate decision on your application.

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