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Resume, motivation letters, introductory essays, research plans, recommendations - this is the most important part of the application to a foreign university and when applying for a competitive position in Russia and abroad. Based on your introductory documents, the selection committee and HR specialists make an impression of how promising you are as a candidate and interesting as a person. What will you bring to the life of a student, academic team or team? Why choose you? We are pleased to help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants and increase your chances of entering your chosen university or get a job. Global Ambassador experts will help you to correctly accentuate what is most important your letter and CV, improve their logical structure, put the necessary accents and perfect the language. As a result of our expert editorial work, you will receive a clearly and effectively formulated message for the selection committee or HR service of the future employer.  

Since 2009, we have helped to achieve our academic and professional goals for more than 700 * students, specialists and top managers from various regions of Russia and the CIS, our compatriots living in Europe, China, the USA, Canada, Israel and other countries (* data on October 2019).


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Professionalism. Our experts have diplomas from top-ranking foreign schools and universities in the USA, Canada and China


Experience. We have more than 5 years of experience in successful admission, including Harvard, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Berlin School of Economics and others List


Quality. We take into consideration the standards of the most prestigious global universities and continuously interact with admission committees

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Essay Writing Services

At Global Ambassador, you can prepare application documents for any educational program abroad: secondary education, undergraduate, graduate, MBA, postgraduate programs, scholarship programs, summer schools. Essay editing can be performed by one of our experts remotely or as part of individual consultations. 




Writing an introductory essay in English

from 8050 rub depending on complexity, completion deadline and word limit

Individual consultation on how to write and edit an essay (in person or via Skype)

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XNUMX rub / XNUMX min, when opting for a higher education service package

Individual preparation for a successful interview in English

1950 rub / 60 min

Individual compilation of an effective CV in English

from 9000 rub depending on complexity, completion deadline and word limit



Pay for an individual consultation (60 minutes) with one of Global Ambassador experts online or at the bank. Administrators will provide relevant payment details upon request.

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If you wish to take advantage of our full editorial service for your essay, sign up for a comprehensive application abroad package, or if online payment methods do not suit you, you can make a payment at our office or via a bank transfer. 


Types of application documents

Depending on program level and country of study, the application package may include:

1) Motivation Letters (Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose)
2) Personal essays/ short answers to posed questions
3) Resume/ CV
4) Letters of Recommendation
5) Writing Sample
6) Interview (Interview)

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 Global Ambassador Expert


Zhenya Efremova

Harvard University (in the process of learning)
Massachusetts, USA
Master in Education and Neuroscience

Johns Hopkins University (2009)
Nanjing, China
Certificate in Economics and International Corporate Law

East China Normal University (2007)
Shanghai, China
Certificate in Economics and Oriental Studies

Mount Holyoke College (2008)
South Hadley, USA
Bachelor of Economics and Oriental Studies

Catlin Gabel School (2004)
Portland, United States


Evgenia Efremova

Academic Director, co-founder of the Global Ambassador Center. An expert on admission to competitive universities in the world. Coach in preparation for passing TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT.

Evgenia has many years of personal experience of studying in secondary and higher education programs in the USA and China, successfully prepares students for admission to top education programs abroad, develops and teaches author's courses on the preparation of entrance documents and problems of admission to the best educational programs in the world. 

Evgenia's students study at programs at Harvard University, Columbia University, NYU, Warwick University, UCL, London School of Economics and Political Sciences and many others. Many of them received scholarships and grants. At Global Ambassador, Evgenia organizes all the processes associated with the admission of students to secondary, higher and postgraduate education programs, as well as preparation of students for international exams.

Extensive experience in international education and professional activities in different countries make Evgenia a truly unique expert in the field of education. In the summer of 2014, Eugene became the only participant from Russia on the program Harvard University (2-th place in the world, QS) on issues of admission to competitive universities. Evgenia is a graduate and scholarship holder at prestigious US universities, Mount Holyoke College (41 place in USA, US News) and programs Johns Hopkins University (14-th place in the world, QS) in China, has qualification certificates British Council ICEF and Harvard University. At 2017-2018, Evgenia is studying for a Master's program at Harvard University. 

Evgenia was awarded a membership at the oldest honorable society in the United States for her outstanding academic achievements - Phi Beta Kappa Society.. Among its members were 17 US presidents, 38 judges of the US Supreme Court and 136 Nobel Laureates.

Working at a Swiss consulting company CH-ina in Shanghai (China), Evgenia became a co-author of the book “China Human Resource Paradox”. Evgenia is also a co-author of presentations for interstate symposia as a result of her work in Korea Institute for International Politics in Seoul (South Korea).

Evgenia is fluent in English and Chinese. 

Professional certification: icef small bc harvard


 How we work on your essays

As a rule, the work is divided into several stages. If an essay is written from scratchThe initial stage includes setting your goals (educational and professional), analyzing your "background" (education, experience and abilities), and developing a "big picture" - the content and ideological core of your essay. At the second stage, as part of an individual consultation, we conduct research on your chosen university and program, and analyze the "compatibility" of the program with your goals. At this stage, it is important for us to show that you are the ideal candidate for the program for which you are applying, and that the program, in turn, best suits your goals. 

Afterwards the outline and structure of the essay are elaborated: number and content of paragraphs, internal development of ideas in the paragraphs, ideas for introduction and conclusion. The remaining steps represent the actual writing and editing of the essay until we arrive at a final draft that satisfies you and experts of Global Ambassador. 

If you entrust the editing of your essay to us, whether it requires single or multiple drafts, we will pay special attention to the logical composition of your text, help you with the structure and development of your ideas, propose tips on how to make the wording more compelling, and polish grammatical structures to perfection.


 Feedback from the students

Ilya Shaklein, Commercial Director of Ural Jewelers LLC (Yekaterinburg)

Evgenia helped me with the preparation of the presentation letter and resume, when I sent the documents to potential scientific advisers. I really liked and remembered how she directed the course of writing my letter - "first you need to answer the question" What do you want? ", Then coherently state the answer in writing." Each time she returned me to the essence of the statement, asking "why did I write this and how does this compare with the previous statement." The skill to ask myself the question “why am I writing this” came in handy not only in preparing documents for doctoral studies, but also in daily correspondence and communication with partners.

Grammar, vocabulary, punctuation - these topics are without a doubt perfectly explained by Eugene during the classes. But the most important thing is her teaching a holistic and structured writing (and not only writing, but also speaking, to be honest).


Irina Zaynullina (Chelyabinsk)

University of Minnesota (USA), PhD in Applied Economics (full funding)

Many thanks to the company Global Ambassador, and especially Evgenia Efremova for the qualified assistance and advice at all stages of preparation and admission to the university in the USA. Thanks to your help, I entered exactly the university I originally wanted, and the desired program (PhD in Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities). I want to note that I also received positive answers from other universities where documents were submitted (including scholarship proposals and Research Assistantship) ...

Help was not limited to preparing documents for applying to universities. I received advice from the moment I chose the program until I left for the USA. Evgenia Efremova was in touch with me almost around the clock and immediately answered all questions that arose.

Thanks again to her for helping me become a student at the University of Minnesota!


Irina Porodnova (Yekaterinburg)

University College London (UK), Master

Eugenia helped me deal with all the intricacies of the application process, helped to correctly compose motivational and recommendation letters, and also to prepare for the interview. This, in my opinion, was the main component of my successful admission to the UK magistracy.


Arkady Konovalov (Yekaterinburg)

Ohio State University (USA), Graduate School of Economics, receives a full scholarship

I want to thank the Global Ambassador and Eugene Efremovoiz invaluable help in writing the introductory essay (Statementof Purpose). Tips and tricks on the introductory essay helped turn raw material into a coherent and informative text - which turned out to be one of the decisive factors when entering the PhD program in economics.


Anna Chentsova (St. Petersburg)

University of Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany), Postgraduate Studies in Chemistry

I entered the University of Southern California (USA) and the University of Leipzig (Germany) at the Department of Chemistry. Eugenia Efremova, an employee of the Global Ambassador Consulting Center, was assisted in writing the CV, Statement of purpose, as well as in preparing for the interview. The result of highly qualified assistance was the acceptance of my candidacy for graduate school at both universities. It is significant that the University of Southern California accepted me without exams! ...


Lewen Zhong (China, Nanjing)

Enrolled in graduate studies at Harvard University (USA) and Johns Hopkins University (USA)

I finally decided to go to Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, major in International Development. I also got into a few other graduate schools, such as Harvard, Columbia, Upenn, Ohio State, Purdue, etc. Speaking about my graduate school application last year, Evgeniya Efremova is one of the most important persons that I have to mention. One thing she impressed me the most is her precision ...

As everyone knows, personal statement plays an extremely significant role in the application. I cannot remember how many times Evgeniya helped me proof-read my personal statement. What she emphasized to me was not only the English grammar, but also the idea the article conveyed, and the logic and connection between each sentence. She is a strict advisor.

Her international education experience was another thing which makes her a great advisor. As a Russian native, she went to college in America, and SAIS-Nanjing Center for a one-year graduate certificate program. Besides her native tongue Russian, she speaks English and Chinese quite well. What worth being mentioned is her English has reached the native caliber. Moreover, I am impressed with her passion for international education exchange. She is also a friendly, adaptable and helpful person.

Thank you Evgeniya for giving me important help in getting into my ideal graduate school

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