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What is a partnership program?

Partnership program It is an automated system that allows you to receive passive income for promoting Global Ambassador on your website or blog.

Do you have a website, channel or blog with an educational, tourist or other similar focus? Then Global Ambassador's partnership program will help you to easily monetize your online resource. Our experience shows that the less favourable the economic climate in Russia gets, the more people wish to send their children to study and live abroad. Our clients are often young ambitious specialists and scientists. If your target audience includes medium to high income earners, then you can raise your income simply by posting one of our banners or a link to our website and receiving commission for each client who comes to us via your resource. How can our partnership program make money for you? Find out below. 


How does the partnership program work?

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1. Register a partner's account and sign an agreement

Simply follow the link and fill in the form for a prospective partner. It takes 1-2 minutes. Once the form is reviewed, we will send you an agreement together with a promotional code that will be used by an automated system for tracking purposes. Every month you will receive a report on leads and sales. 


2. Tell people about us, it is as simple as that. 

You can choose one or several types of our services: Preparation for international exams, Education abroad, Language courses abroad. We will send you the materials in a convenient format (banners, description, video, links, etc.), and youcan post them on your website, blog, social networks or newsletter. 

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3. A visitor comes to our website

If your visitors are interested and click on the link, they will jump to Global Ambassador website. When they contact us, it will be immediately noted by our automated system, and when they sign an agreement with us, you will receive a XNUMX% commission!


4. Get a 10% commission!

According to statistics, the amount of commission can range from 500 to 12000 rubles. The average commission is 6250 rubles. More clicks on the banner equal more payments and bigger commission!

We described a standard pattern of cooperation above. Global Ambassador specialist may ask you to provide additional documents or data to prepare and sign an agreement, as well as propose alternative cooperation arrangements. Our specialist will inform you of the latest terms of the partnership program.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Global Ambassador? Global Ambassador is one of the leading centers for education abroad in Russia and a leader in the education market abroad in the Urals Federal District. Since 2009, we have been helping students to enrol in paid and state-funded education programs of any level in almost every country in the world: in high schools, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate schools. In addition, we are one of the largest centers for international exams in Russia and administer TOEFL iBT, GRE, ACT, iTEP, SELT. We also prepare students with any level of language proficiency to enter foreign universities and successfully work with clients throughout Russia, the CIS countries and abroad. We are not an educational agent. Global Ambassador is a consultancy acting in the best interests of the client. Learn more about Global Ambassador.


How much do Global Ambassador services cost? We provide more than 80 various services in the field of education and educational consulting, conduct approximately 20 original educational programs, organize vocational guidance camps for children and study tours to foreign universities and companies. Total costs are determined by a specific set of services that each individual client would like to receive. On average, the cost of our services ranges from 5'000 to 120'000 rubles. Requirements, ambitions and extent of cooperation can be very different on a case by case basis, so all details are discussed with clients directly and depend on their needs and wishes.  


Who can become a partner? Any individual, individual entrepreneur or legal entity registered in the Russian Federation or any other country can become a partner. Foreign partners will have to reconcile the documentary part of our partnership agreement prior to signing it. The decision to sign an agreement is made on the basis of the completed form.


How does the system know that the client came from our sources? You will receive unique hyperlinks and a promotional code that you need to place on your website, blog, social network page or newsletter. The link will record that the visitor has come to our site from your partnered sources. The promotional code allows to record applications arriving via other channels, for example, through phone calls, messages, etc. 


How and when is the commission paid? The commission is paid monthly. In 10 calendar days, you will receive an electronic report by email and 10% commission on each first sale to your visitors. Payment is made to a bank account (for legal entities) or a PayPal account (for individuals). Whenever a payment to individuals is made to a bank account, our company will be deemed a tax agent, which means that we will automatically deduct 13% personal income tax from the transferred commission. 


Can I involve third parties? This option is currently unavailable.  



Who can I discuss it with in more detail? 

 Neustroeva round

Anastasia Neustroeva

Deputy Development Director

or simply leave a request below and we will call you back in the next 2 business hours.

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Since 2009 we have been helping students in Russia, the CIS and around the world


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