Western Kentucky University. A look at studying in the USA from the inside
Western Kentucky University. A look at studying in the USA from the inside


Interview with Anna Manina, a university student from Russia

“I want to thank you once again for helping to make your dream come true! Soon it’s almost a year since I’ve been in America and I can say that this is exactly what I expected and aspired to. Here at WKU there are all conditions for living and studying, ”she wrote to us. Anna Manina, Student of the Organizational Leadership Master's program at Western Kentucky University, USA . Anna shared with us not only her impressions of her new life in another country, but also the features of the program, accommodation and work for students in the United States, as well as information about the possibility of financing training.

Anna notes that she really likes to study, and she does not have any difficulties with either the English language or the learning process. “I would say that studying is even easier than in Russia, but more difficult in terms of the amount of work (writing essays, various projects). I finished these two semesters very successfully, almost everything on "A".
“Another good news is that as part of my program, I was given the opportunity to take a mini-MBA course. The fact is that here you can choose additional subjects from other specialties separately, but you can choose a single so-called Certificate Course and get a certificate in addition to the diploma. I chose a mini-MBA Certificate Course and study at a business school without passing the GMAT and unnecessary costs. This summer I also take several business classes online. ”

“As for life in general, I feel quite comfortable. When I arrived, it seemed that I was in a different world, it was hard, I really missed the house ... I gradually got used to it, then got used to it, now everything here has become my second home. Already used to the southern climate, always hot and sunny, ”says Anna. Living in the student residence “Columns”, which is a few steps from the campus, she admires its incredible beauty and even shared wonderful photos with us.

Anna is one of many students who dream of studying in the USA, but do not have a lot of money to easily afford an expensive education. Therefore, she made a lot of efforts to get a scholarship to study at admission, and continues to support herself financially in the learning process.
“Since November last year, I have been working on a campus in a university restaurant. It turns out to cover all living expenses and even save up for further education. I plan to apply for the Graduate Assistantship for the next spring semester, I have already consulted with the dean. "

By Graduate Assistantship, Anna means the so-called assistant scholarships - a source of financial support for students. They imply monetary rewards, or a partial exemption from tuition in exchange for work in the field of education. Students can work as teaching assistanship, assistant professor in research work (research assistanhip), or in administrative work (administrative assiatnship).

Anna really likes the people who live and work with her. She says she is not disappointed in the mentality of another nation, admires the faculty at the university, and notes the responsiveness of her neighbor from Nigeria.

We will be following with interest the news and successes of Anna, and we thank her for her willingness to share her story about the pursuit of a dream!

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