Top 10 best universities in Canada
Top 10 best universities in Canada

Top 10 best universities in Canada

The number of students planning to enter universities outside their own country in search of quality education is growing every year. Canada remains one of the most attractive countries for international students. This is due to the loyalty of the migration policy, which allows many foreigners to stay to work and live in the country after graduation. The world university rankings help you choose the right university. Such ratings focus on academic research and the reputation of schools in general, rather than the bachelor's or master's programs they offer.

Today we invite you to get acquainted with the rating of the American media company US News & World Report. She has assessed institutions for their research performance and academic rankings in North America and around the world.

No. 1. University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

The University of Toronto is a leading Canadian research and innovation institution. Researchers at this particular university own the discovery of insulin, groundbreaking stem cell research, and the invention of the electron microscope. Most of the foreign students here are from China, India and the USA, however, the general geography of students numbers more than 160 countries of the world. The University of Toronto offers about 700 undergraduate programs and over 200 master's and doctoral programs. In addition to medicine, the university has available areas of business, engineering, education and the humanities. In the list of 1000 student organizations and extracurricular activities, football and hockey are in first place.

University website:

No. 2. University of British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia)

State Research University is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia and has two campuses - in Vancouver and Okanagan. The percentage of international students at these campuses is 23 and 13 percent, respectively. International students who have difficulty with English can use the special Vantage One program. For 11 months, students improve their English skills at Vantage College, and then move on to the second year of their educational program at the University of British Columbia. Among the research centers of the university are the Canadian National Laboratory of Subatomic Physics TRIUMF, the Institute for a Healthy Lifestyle and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases.

University website:

No. 3. McGill University (Montreal, Quebec)

McGill University is the most prestigious state university in Canada, which annually opens its doors to students from more than 150 countries. McGill offers a lot of directions in the field of agricultural and environmental sciences, dentistry, education, engineering, law, management, medicine and other sciences. According to the ranking, Maclean McGill has been the best medical university for 13 consecutive years. Among the scientific achievements of the university is the creation of the first artificial blood cell. The university is located in the city of Montreal, which became the best student city in the opinion of the QS rating in 2017.

University website:

Number 4. McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario)

McMaster University - Hamilton State Research University on the US border. The geography of international students at this university is not as rich as at the University of Toronto, and has only 75 countries. McMaster offers students six major academic areas. Among them are engineering, medicine, humanities, science and social sciences and the DeGroote business school. McMaster University has its own nuclear reactor for scientific research, and in one of the laboratories of the university neuroscientist, a fifth of Albert Einstein’s brain is stored.

University website:

No. 5. University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta)

The University of Alberta is a 5-campus state research university. Four campuses are located in the city of Edmonton and offer students programs in the field of medicine, business and engineering. In one of them, on the campus of Saint-Jean, the main language of instruction is French. The fifth campus is located in the rural town of Camrose and specializes in the humanities and art. The university has signed over 400 research and educational exchange agreements with schools and organizations around the world. Among them are the University of Munich in Germany and the University of Western Australia.

University website:

No. 6. Université de Montréal (Montreal, Quebec)

Montreal State University has more than a dozen academic departments. The leading areas are social, humanitarian and medical sciences, as well as art and natural sciences. The main language of instruction at the university is French, but English-speaking students can accept for some postgraduate programs in biochemistry, pharmacology or neurology. Researchers at the University of Montreal organize international projects with institutions in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA.

University website:

Number 7. University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta)

About 3000 students from 125 countries around the world study at Calgary State Research University. The university not only accepts foreign students, but also sends them to other countries through student exchange programs. The university has signed cooperation agreements with educational institutions in 140 countries. In 2007, the university opened an additional campus in Doha, Qatar, and in 2013-2014, the university received $ 325 million in revenue from sponsored research through the work of 77 research departments. Among universities under the age of 50, the University of Calgary currently ranks first in Canada.

University website:

Number 8. University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario)

Ottawa State Research University is the largest bilingual university in the world. The languages ​​of instruction here are English and French. The University of Ottawa offers over 450 programs in the fields of art, education, engineering, medicine, science, civil law, and Telfer School Management. The university offers both master's and postgraduate programs. The law school at the university is the largest in the country, and the employment rate of university graduates reaches 97 percent.

University website:

No. 9. University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario)

Waterloo State University is located near the Great Lakes and the US border. Three affiliated campuses are located in Ontario in the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Stratford. The main academic departments of the university include applied medical sciences, art, engineering, environmental science, mathematics and natural sciences. The university offers co-op education programs, which includes theoretical classes and practical hours for skills development. The university also offers double-degree programs with universities in other countries, such as China's Tsinghua University, Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University, or the UK's University of Warwick.

University website:

No. 10. University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia)

The State Research University is located almost in the center of Victoria near the Pacific Ocean. The location of the university is reflected in its research activities. The leading areas of research at Victoria University are the ocean, climate change, the development of a healthy society, and applied knowledge of the human environment. Over the past 10 years, income from international research grants at the university has tripled, including through research from observatories that help to learn more about the ocean and its inhabitants. In addition to science, the university has well-developed areas of political science and the arts.

University website:


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