Top 10 of the best universities in the world
Top 10 of the best universities in the world

Top 10 of the best universities in the world

Do you know that there is a world ranking of universities? One of the most popular ratings is compiled annually by QS, which collects and analyzes data from almost 5'000 universities. They are evaluated by the following criteria: academic reputation, statistics on the employment of graduates, citation of academic work, the number of international students and staff. As a result, the best of the best are included in the ranking and are considered the most popular universities in the world. Let's see which universities entered the first 10-ku this year and which areas are most developed in them.


No.1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Massachusetts University of Technology (Massachusetts, USA)


For more than 4 years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been number one in the world ranking. MIT is famous for innovations in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence and an extensive infrastructure for research. This is by far the most attractive university for students of technical specialties. However, in the areas of linguistics, management and political science, MIT is one of the best.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Architecture No.1
  • Chemistry No.1
  • Computer Science & Information Systems # 1
  • Engineering №1
  • Linguistics No.1
  • Mathematics No.1
  • Material Sciences No.1
  • Natural Sciences No.1
  • Physics & Astronomy # 1
  • Statistics & Operational Research # 1

University website:


No.2. Stanford University - Stanford University (California, USA)

 stanford xnumx

Located in Silicon Valley, Stanford is known as the "billionaire factory". Its alumni are founders of corporations such as Google, Coursera, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems. It is considered one of the leading universities for teaching and research in IT and engineering. Unlike other universities, the rankings at Stanford are a quarter, not a semester system of study.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Accounting and Finance No.3
  • Computer Science and Information Systems No. 2
  • Engineering No.2
  • Environmental Studies 2
  • Education and Training No.3
  • Economics and Econometrics No. 3
  • Material Sciences No.2
  • Mathematics No.3
  • Natural Sciences No.3
  • Psychology No. 2

University website:


No.3. Harvard University - Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA)


The oldest university in the United States. Included in the Ivy League - the eight elite universities in America. The university has the largest endowment fund in the world, which allows it to invest heavily in infrastructure development, research and projects. Harvard maintains a multi-year partnership with MIT through research and academic activities. The university is especially famous for its business school and biological specialties, and also leads in many other areas.  

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Accounting and Finance No.1
  • Biological Sciences No.1
  • Business and Management Studies No.1
  • Biological Sciences No.1
  • Economics and Econometrics No. 1
  • History No.1
  • Law and Legal Studies No.1
  • Life Sciences and Medicine No. 1
  • Medicine No.1
  • Modern Languages ​​No.1

University website:


No.4. California Institute of Technology - California Institute of Technology (California, USA)


A small university with up to 2,5 thousands of students. At the same time, Caltech is one of the most influential in the scientific community. The main competitor of MIT in the technological field. The most powerful are the departments of physics (especially astrophysics) and engineering. Caltech has a much more rich and voluminous academic program than in other universities. However, intense study is compensated by a loyal attitude to novice students and a high level of freedom in relation to all students of the university.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Biology Sciences No.11
  • Chemistry No.9
  • Chemical Engineering No.7
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering No. 13
  • Earth and Marine Sciences No. 7
  • Environmental Studies No.29
  • Natural Sciences No.9
  • Mechanical Engineering No.14
  • Material Sciences No.17
  • Physics and Astronomy No. 7

University website:


No.5. University of Oxford - Oxford University (UK)


The first English-language and one of the oldest universities in the world - exists from the XI century and then began to accept foreign students. Oxford is guided by the entire academic world. And not in vain, because the university leads in most specialties. However, in comparison with previous universities, humanitarian areas prevail here. In addition, medicine and social sciences are highly developed.  

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Anatomy and Physiology No. 1
  • Anthropology No.2
  • Archaeology No.1
  • Arts and Humanities No.1
  • Classics and Ancient History No. 2
  • English Language and Literature No.1
  • Geography No.1
  • History No.2
  • Medicine No.2
  • Politics No.2

University website:


No. 6. University of Cambridge - University of Cambridge (UK)


Another classic university with a rich history. The university was founded by a group of professors from Oxford University who moved to the small town of Cambridge, which later became a famous academic and scientific center. A university is an association of colleges, each of which is quite autonomous and has special requirements for students. Interestingly, admission to some colleges still has restrictions on the age and gender of students. Thematically, the university is divided into schools, which include faculties, laboratories, departments, etc. The School of Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences is considered the most powerful schools in the university.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Anthropology No.1
  • Anatomy and Physiology No. 2
  • Archaeology No.2
  • Chemistry No.2
  • Civil and Structural Engineering No. 2
  • English Language and Literature No.2
  • Law and Legal Studies No.2
  • Life Sciences and Medicine No. 2
  • Modern Languages ​​No.2
  • Natural Sciences No.2

University website:


No.7. ETH Zurich - Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich (Switzerland)


Alma Mater Albert Einstein and 21 Nobel Laureate. Included in the IDEA League - an association of 5 of the best technical universities in Europe. The university gives students a lot of opportunities for research and joint scientific work with friendly universities. The most developed engineering and technical sciences. Teaching is mainly conducted in German.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Agriculture and Forestry No.11
  • Architecture No.4
  • Computer Science and Information Systems No. 9
  • Earth and Marine Sciences No. 1
  • Engineering and Technology No.4
  • Environmental Studies No.6
  • Natural Sciences No.7
  • Mathematics No.8
  • Physics and Astronomy No. 10
  • Statistics and Operational Research No. 10

University website:


No.8. Imperial College London - Imperial College London (UK)


Imperial College previously belonged to the University of London, but in the 2007 year it became an autonomous educational institution. Despite its youth, the College occupies the top places in ratings, and is also included in the Golden Triangle - an association of UK research universities along with Oxford and Cambridge. The main directions of the university are engineering and medicine. And Imperial College's business school is one of the best schools in Europe.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Chemical Engineering No.7
  • Civil and Structural Engineering No. 3
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering No. 5
  • Engineering and Technology No.6
  • Environmental Studies No.9
  • Mechanical Engineering No.8
  • Mathematics No.10
  • Medicine No.11
  • Natural Sciences No.10
  • Life Sciences and Medicine No. 11

University website:


No.9. University of Chicago - University of Chicago (Illinois, USA)

 University of Chicago 1

It was opened at the expense of John Rockefeller. During its existence, the university made a significant contribution to the development of sociology, philology, economic analysis and behaviorism. Also known for developing the first artificial nuclear reactor. Professional schools in the areas of medicine, business, law and social sciences are leading here.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Anthropology No.6
  • Accounting and Finance No.7
  • Economics and Econometrics No. 6
  • English Language and Literature No.10
  • History No.10
  • Law and Legal Studies No.11
  • Politics No.13
  • Sociology No.7
  • Social Policy and Administration No.9
  • Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies №10

University website:


No.10. University College London - University College London (UK)


The college, part of the University of London, was founded as a secular alternative to the religious universities of Oxbridge. It occupies 3 places in Europe and the UK, and is also a member of various communities and associations of leading universities. It is a leading center for biomedical research. In addition, the humanitarian school and the school of architecture and arts are considered very strong.

The best disciplines included in the world subject rating:

  • Anatomy and Physiology No. 7
  • Architecture No.2
  • Archaeology No.3
  • Dentistry No.8
  • Education and Training No.1
  • Geography No.8
  • Life Sciences and Medicine No. 8
  • Law and Legal Studies No.12
  • Psychology No. 6
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology No. 7

University website:


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