Changes in TOEFL from 1 August 2019
Changes in TOEFL from 1 August 2019



What will change in TOEFL iBT?

Since August 1, TOEFL has made several improvements. We tell what exactly will change:

  1. The time will be reduced to 3 hours.

This reduction will not affect the overall content of the test. You will pass all 4 parts of the exam: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing - just in less time.

  1. The number of tasks will be reduced.
  • In Reading, the same number of texts will have fewer questions - 10 instead of 12-14.
  • But in Listening the number of lectures will be reduced. There will be 3-4 lectures with the same number of tasks.
  • In Speaking, instead of 6 tasks, there will be 4: 1 Indepentent and 3 Integrated.
  • And part of Writing will remain unchanged. As before, you will need to write 2 essays.
  1. Top TOEFL scores will be added to the results.

If you have passed the test several times, then along with the results for the last date, your Certificate will include the best points for the previous 2 years. Therefore, even if the result is worse in the last change, the selection committee or the employer will find out your best points.


All these changes should help you pass the exam more focused and with less stress. At the same time, the assessment of your skills will remain as objective as possible!


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