Scholarships at Westminster University for undergraduates from January 2017
Scholarships at Westminster University for undergraduates from January 2017

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About the university

University of Westminster is located in the very center of London. The history of the university dates back to 1838, when the Polytechnic Institute was formed. Since 1992, the institute has received university status. It is one of the oldest and most famous universities in the UK, respected throughout the world.

The University of Westminster has been providing traditional British education for over 170 years. The favorable location in the very center of London guarantees good transport links and easy access from any part of the city. Nearby are the area of ​​London banks and the famous historical and cultural attractions and entertainment of London.

University of Westminster is distinguished by a comprehensive education, therefore, it offers many faculties that teach students architecture, computer technology, social sciences, engineering, political science and many others.


University of Westminster Full Fee Scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees for masters. You can study in the UK for free or save between £ 10 and £ 000 depending on the program!

In order to apply for a scholarship, you need to get a place on the chosen course: only after the university has accepted the documents of the candidate, you can apply for a scholarship.

The beginning of training is January 2017.

Requirements for candidates

In order to apply for training, the candidate must demonstrate high academic performance and good command of the English language. Candidates must also meet the requirements of the course for which they are applying.

Registration of the application

To receive a scholarship, you need to send a completed application and translations of the necessary documents.

The set of documents should contain:

- a copy of the document on higher education with translation into English;
- an invitation from the university to study on the chosen course;
- application for a scholarship;
- summary;
- 1 letter of recommendation;
- 3 essays;
- information about the desired amount of support (tuition fees / tuition fees and expenses);
- a copy of the certificate confirming knowledge of the English language.

All necessary documents must be sent by express mail to the address of the scholarship department of the University of Westminster before October 2017 of the year.

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