Studying in Australia: Facts, Benefits and Procedure
Studying in Australia: Facts, Benefits and Procedure

Education in Australia


Australia ranks third in the world in the number of foreign students, second only to the UK and the United States. This should not be surprising since Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world! In Australia, 1100 Australian educational institutions offer more than 22 training courses, surpassing Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, and ranking tenth in the Universities 2015 U21 National Higher Education Rating.

The high ranking of educational institutions is also not inferior to the cities in which these educational institutions are located. Five of Australia's cities are among the top 30 cities in the world for students in terms of student enrollment, affordability, quality of life, and job opportunities.

In addition, the Australian government annually allocates more than $ 200 million for international scholarships that allow students to gain valuable experience in studying in the Australian education system, which will expand their further career prospects.

Main advantages of education in Australia

• The Australian diploma is recognized and highly regarded throughout the world. Australian diplomas, professional qualifications, and degrees are recognized around the world. This subsequently allows you to find work in almost any country.

• Most Australian training programs are as good as English, American and Canadian counterparts in quality, but cost 15-20% less. On average, a year of study at an Australian college costs $ 16000- $ 20000, and at a university it costs $ 19000- $ 35000.

• The cost of living in Australia is 15-20% lower than in other English-speaking countries. Food in Australia is also cheaper than in America and Europe.

• Australia is a safe country. Australia is a country of emigrants, only in one Sydney people of 140 nationalities live. The attitude towards everyone is smooth and welcoming, regardless of which country they came from. Australia's crime rates are among the lowest in the world.

• Foreign students who come to long-term study programs are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the school year and full-time during the holidays. This allows you to cover a substantial portion of living expenses. Typically, earnings are up to $ 15 per hour.

• Students who successfully graduate from Australia receive a good job prospect in their field of study. A legal guarantee allowing foreigners to stay in Australia to work is the Graduate Visa. A graduate visa allows you to stay at work in Australia, regardless of the chosen specialty, for at least 2 years after graduation. Data on the employment of university graduates in Australia within six months after graduation range from 70% - 85%. Such statistics are available on the official websites of the universities themselves.

• Australia is a socially and environmentally safe country. Educational institutions are located in the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, with extensive infrastructure and ideal conditions for study, leisure, sports, work. Wildlife of Australia, its ocean beaches offer a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities and sports.

Where to start?

To enter, one should take very seriously the choice of a university and specialty, as well as the preparation of an entrance package of documents.

For admission to the program, you need to collect a weighty and correctly executed package of documents, the composition of which can vary depending on the university and the type of program, and follow the deadlines for submitting documents.

It is also important that the level of English proficiency should be high and should be confirmed by an international test.

You can study in Australia from June (second semester) or from February (first semester). The ability to start studies from the second semester will depend on the university and the program itself. Deadlines for submission of documents also vary depending on the university.

For those who want to study for a master's program, graduate school or a diploma program, there is also the opportunity to apply for an Australian Government Scholarship, which can cover all expenses for study and accommodation.

Documents should be prepared as early as possible, at least 3-6 months before the start of the program, since the timing of applying for not only the program, but also for the scholarship, as well as the terms for applying for a student visa, should be taken into account.

Next steps?

First you need to assess your chances of entering a particular program and / or to receive a scholarship, and decide on a university. If the search is too complicated, or you do not have enough time, contact the Global Ambassador to help you develop an effective admission strategy.

After assessing the chances and selecting universities, you will need to collect a package of documents. The package of documents at different universities for different programs may vary. Our experts will also advise you on all matters related to the preparation of introductory documents and help to make sure that your candidacy stands out qualitatively from other applicants.

It is important to understand that the level of English proficiency for admission and scholarships must be high enough, and this level must be confirmed by an international test. If you want to improve your English and / or you have never passed the test, you can also consult our specialist in determining your current level, duration of preparation and passing the test itself.

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