Education in China: schools, universities and scholarships
Education in China: schools, universities and scholarships




China is a country with a long history, one of the strongest states in the modern world, which has reached heights in scientific and cultural development. Over the past decades, China is increasingly consolidating its place among the most economically developed and continuing to develop countries in the world, covering more and more industrial and technological world arenas. Thanks to this, education in China today is considered one of the most highly professional, prestigious and in demand in the world.

Education system in China

The Chinese education system practically does not differ from the Russian one. From 3 years old - kindergarten, from 6 - elementary school, then secondary school and university. Instead of a university, there is an option to enter a vocational school. They are accepted there after completing high school, as well as after incomplete (from 15 years old, without senior classes). They study in universities for 4-5 years, in medicine longer - 7-8 years.

Chinese schools

Children start going to school from the age of 6, and before entering the school, the children pass the first of many tests. The whole system of school education in China is aimed at competing and achieving better results, so the burden in Chinese schools is enormous.

Schools in China are public and private. State - oriented mainly to citizens of China, but in rare cases they accept foreigners. To enter a Chinese public school, a student must pass exams in mathematics, English, and Chinese.

The cost of schooling will cost about 5000 USD per semester.
However, very few people immediately pass these exams, therefore, special preparatory courses are provided for foreign students who are preparing to study at a Chinese school. The preparatory course usually lasts a year and costs about 4500 USD per semester.

Private schools are more prepared to accept foreigners. Many offer training in both Chinese and English. Tuition in such schools costs approximately USD 12 per year for teaching in Chinese and USD 000 per year for English.

Higher Education in China

Chinese universities are, as a rule, small towns equipped with everything necessary for a fulfilling life and study. Russian students can apply for undergraduate programs immediately after grade 11. For master's programs - if you have a bachelor's or specialist's degree, or in the last year of a bachelor's degree.

Tuition fees in Chinese universities are relatively low - 4,000-10,000 USD per year, depending on the chosen faculty.


Chinese universities seek to attract foreign students, stimulating worldwide interest in their culture and economy. Education itself is paid, but in an effort to attract foreign students, the government and universities provide various scholarships that can cover the bulk of the cost of tuition and accommodation, as well as a mandatory registration fee or even cover all expenses.

There are scholarships such as:

  • Scholarships of the PRC government (provided by the PRC state and only to accredited universities);
  • Private university scholarships (organized from the funds of an educational institution that wants to attract students);
  • Municipal scholarships (established by local municipalities to attract students).

The government annually allocates places and finances for students from other countries. However, not everyone can get financing. To apply for financing, you need to contact the consulate or the university itself.

The advantage of education in China

  • The level of education in China meets the highest international standards. 25 universities in this country are among the top 500 in the world according to the authoritative QS World University Rankings® 2015/16.
  • You can enter local universities after grade 11 with a certificate of secondary education.
  • Large Western universities open branches in China. For students, this is a great opportunity to get a quality European education at a cost significantly lower than in Europe.
  • Most universities in China offer education in Chinese, but there are many offers from leading universities and for those who would like to study in English.
  • Studying in China is an opportunity to learn Chinese, even if you are studying in English. Universities and training centers also offer many Chinese courses that you can take during your studies.
  • There is the possibility of free training in China.

Admission requirements

To enter a Chinese university, a secondary school certificate or a specialist diploma is required, as well as a certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language.

Most universities do not conduct any entrance exams; enrollment is based on the results of an average certificate or diploma.

Documents required for admission:

  • application for admission
  • copies of certificate or diploma, including translation into English / Chinese, notarized
  • Certificate of English Proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS) or Chinese Proficiency (HSK)
  • motivational essay, letters of recommendation
  • portfolio (for creative specialties)
  • confirmation of financial condition

How to enter the University of China

  • Learn about the programs, terms and conditions of admission to universities in China at a free one-on-one consultation at the Global Ambassador
  • Get a selection of programs and an assessment of your chances of admission from our experienced specialists. Assessment methods adopted in Russia and China differ from each other and may be different at each university.
  • Take the language training at Global Ambassador to pass the TOEFL or IELTS tests required for admission. You may also need GRE or GMAT tests to enter highly qualified management, finance, engineering or economics programs, which are also being prepared at the Global Ambassador.
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