Admission to South Korea. History of Batyrkhan Sanashkin

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Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from students who have come with us. We decided to share one of the most detailed and sincere! Read the success story of Batyrkhan Sanashkin:


Sanashkin Batyrkhan (Gorno-Altaysk)

Yonsey University (Korea), Master of Development and Governance

Sitting on the campus of one of the three best universities in South Korea at Yensey University (Seoul), on the eve of September 1, the first day of my student life, I understand the tremendous distance traveled in 1 year and how important it was for me to work with Global Ambassador. From the very first moment, the work of real professionals was felt. We had a goal - they knew how we can achieve this goal. The tremendous work done by Global Ambassador employees can only be explained by their vast experience in this field. I would also like to note an individual approach to each applicant, future student, because the programs were selected depending on our desires and capabilities, which made it clear that Global Ambassador was interested in successfully achieving the goal. I'm happy! I am an international student! ...

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Global Ambassador, personally to Evgenia Efremova and Yaroslavna Kaprova, and wish them prosperity in the future.

Sincerely, Batyrkhan Sanashkin.

Aislu (mother of Batyrkhan):

The history of our acquaintance with the Global Ambassador and admission to an international university draws a short story or essay. It all started with the fact that one frail little guy, from the distant city of Gorno-Altaysk, located in the Siberian Federal District, was promising and ambitious, the pride of his family, his lyceum, the city of Gorno-Altaysk, the Altai Republic and just his boy friends left for 2013 year in the USA for the annual Flex program, having passed the most severe preliminary selection (it was rumored that more than 1 people claimed the 70 place that year). A year later, having returned to his hometown, he realized what he wanted in this life - to get a quality international education. It was a star dream! It was a longing! Days in thought and assessing their capabilities ... To achieve this, a lot of work had to be done from passing TOEFL tests, choosing a university, submitting documents to entering an international university .. It's simple .. Just like in a fairy tale .. Let's not forget what kind of 1 In the academic year he was to pass the 10 and 11 programs of the class of the Russian lyceum, the requirements for the level of the student of which were always very high (he studied at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty with advanced English), he had to pass the Unified State Examination, with a full range of graduation class delights, other experiences, nerves. Yes, it was necessary to pass everything for admission to an international university ..

It was unrealistic .. we realized that without a specialized organization providing foreign training services it would be very difficult to solve this problem .. I was frantically looking for such a center in the nearby cities of Siberia. Not found .... neither in Barnaul, nor in Novosibirsk. And time slowly and inexorably passed .. We thought ..! We grabbed our heads ..! We are, in fact, the very hero of the day - my son Batyrkhan and I - his mother Aislu (the main sponsor of the project, the ideological leader, the main dreamer, confident in advance in 100% success of his son and just a candidate of pedagogical sciences, who knows perfectly the difference between educational systems us at home and abroad). Doomedly typed in the Internet the request “Pass TOEFL” - in response received a number of options, including Global Ambassador, the official provider of international tests TOEFL, GRE, ACT, iTEP. Yekaterinburg city". So we arrived in Yekaterinburg, and so our first meeting with the Global Ambassador team took place. Indeed, a close-knit and professional team of people with experience in foreign education, training and internships.

And then, like all those who fall into the reliable hands of professionals: prompt correspondence by e-mail, communication on Skype, preparation of documents, translations, delivery of documents, painful expectations of results and ... first disappointments, first joys, glee about income. So, the son was admitted to 3 universities located in the USA, Canada and South Korea. This is the direct merit of the Global Ambassador. For a number of financial reasons, they chose South Korea. We were immensely happy! A sense of pride bursting us. But we were silent, like partisans, sparing the consciousness of our classmates, who were still passing the exam and how in the fog they distantly saw the prospects of their further studies after graduating from the lyceum. I haven’t said that everything secret once becomes apparent, gradually our circle learned deafening news - Batyrkhan entered Yensey in South Korea !!! And, as a result, a lot of questions “How?”, “How?”, “Who helped?”, “Don’t give the address?” Rained down on the side of the parents of classmates.

Concluding my review, I want to assure that I will definitely recommend the Global Ambassador to all my friends, colleagues, interested. Many thanks to the Global Ambassador for a valuable resource - your site is an inexhaustible source of information for those who want to get a quality, affordable education abroad! Thanks to the staff for prompt and efficient consultations, substantiated concrete answer! I would like to thank all the employees of the Global Ambassador for their advice and assistance in organizing education for our children abroad. You are very responsive and friendly, smart and positive! I know from the words of Yaroslavna how the whole team sincerely rejoiced at the news of Batyrkhan’s entry into Yensey! Your warmth and sincerity were felt over thousands of kilometers. Thank you everybody. Special thanks to Evgenia Efremova and Yaroslavna Karpova, who showed incredible patience, respect, endurance, tact, high professionalism, working with us and for understanding our life situation. Yaroslavna, special, special thanks to you, you are super! Thank you for your kind heart, warmth. God bless you! Life goes on, we hope for further cooperation! I want to wish you good luck, success and prosperity!

With great respect, Aislu.


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