Education in Europe. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program
Education in Europe. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program




About the program

Erasmus Mundus is a scholarship program aimed at providing academic mobility for students. This means that in addition to receiving funding, you will have the opportunity to study in several countries of the world at once. The program includes 49 countries and over 4 universities. The educational institutions that are members of the consortium offer coordinated training programs in the following areas: 

  • Химия
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Economy
  • Ecology and Geology
  • Information Technology and Engineering
  • Biology
  • Humanities and social sciences


Mobility. Training within the framework of the program takes place in several countries. This means that you will start your studies, for example, in Germany, and spend the next semester in Austria. As a rule, these are 2-3 countries / universities for the entire period of study. 

Without obligations. Another distinctive feature of Erasmus Mundus is that at the end of the program you do not have any obligations. In comparison, other popular Fulbright and Chevening scholarship programs require you to return to your home country after graduation for at least 2 years.


The Erasmus Mundus programs provide EU-funded scholarships and grants for:

  • bachelors, specialists and masters wishing to take Erasmus Mundus master's courses
  • researchers who wish to teach or carry out scientific research within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Master's program
  • masters and postgraduate students wishing to participate in the joint doctoral program "Erasmus Mundus"

Approximately 21 thousand € per year is allocated per student, which means:

  • Scholarship in the amount of approximately 1600 € x 10 study months;
  • A fixed amount of €5 for travel expenses, tuition fees, etc.
  • If a student takes a two-year course of study, approximately 42 thousand € are allocated.

These amounts are paid to the student by a consortium of higher education institutions.

Submission steps

To participate in the program, you will need to go through several stages. 

I. Choose the right study programs in the catalog. You can choose 3 programs to increase your chances of admission, as each Erasmus program only accepts 2 candidates from the same country.  

II. Review the requirements for each selected program. They may differ both in terms of submission and in the list of documents. The standard package of required documents includes:

  • Resumes on demand within a specific program.
  • A copy of the higher education document translated into English and notarized or apostilled.
  • Transcript - a list of all completed training courses, translated into English and certified by a university or a notary.
    *If you are a final year student, instead of a diploma, you can send a certificate from the university stating that you will receive a diploma no later than a certain date.
  • Certificate of passing the international language test (DALF, DELE, TOEFL, etc. depending on the language of the program).
  • 2-3 recommendations from teachers of your university or from employers.
  • Motivational letter (essay).
  • A copy of the passport.
  • *GRE or GMAT certification may be required depending on the program.
  • *Study plan may be required.

Try to analyze how you meet the requirements of the program. If you do not qualify or the details of the program do not suit you, select another one. 

III. Fill out an application application form and prepare a package of introductory documents. Carefully fill out the application, scan the documents and send them to the specified address before the deadline. Application deadlines for most programs end in January-February. After passing the pre-selection, you will also be required to write an additional essay and pass an interview in the language of the educational program.

IV. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive a personal notification from the selection committee. After receiving this notification, you will need to send copies of additional documents and proceed with the issuance of a student visa.

Help is needed?

Admission to a popular program like Erasmus Mundus may not be such an easy task. But it's worth the effort! Therefore, we will be happy to help you at difficult stages for you: 

  • selection of a program and assessment of the chances of admission
  • preparation and passing of international exams
  • filling out applications and paperwork
  • translation of documents
  • visa application

You can contact a specialist and discuss at what stages we can help you. 

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