THREE Ways to Become a Medical Student in Germany
THREE Ways to Become a Medical Student in Germany

THREE Ways to Become a Medical Student in Germany

Medicine, of course, is in third place among the popular associations with Germany, in addition to the famous brands of cars and beer. It's no secret why. German recruiting company StepStone, which is trusted by 31% of German residents, published the following statistics for 2018. The average salary for a doctor in Germany is 58.100 € per year. Such numbers are undoubtedly attractive to students who are interested in medicine.

There are three options to join the student medical community in Germany. It all depends on what stage of study you are at now:

1. Graduate of grade 11 in Russia

  • admission to the Studienkolleg (German Studienkolleg), a college of pre-university training for foreign applicants and training for 1 year in a medical course (M-Kurs);
  • admission to the 1st year of the Faculty of Medicine in Germany.

2. 1-2 year student of a medical university in Russia

  • admission directly to the 1st year of the Faculty of Medicine in Germany.

3. 3-6 year student of a medical university in Russia

  • an appeal to the appropriate authority of the federal state, on the territory of which the selected university is located, with a request to re-enroll the courses studied *;
  • re-admission to a higher semester of the German Faculty of Medicine.

* The received recommendation does not guarantee admission to the 2nd or 3rd year of a German university. This decision is made on an individual basis by the admissions committees of universities.

The popularity of the direction leads to serious competition among applicants - on average, 5 people per one of ~ 9.000 places. You have to work hard to become that lucky one. The certificate / final certification after Studienkolleg (German: Feststellungsprüfung) / certificate from the university must have excellent grades, and knowledge of German must be at least C1. BUT! Don't be in a hurry to get upset if you notice one or two fours. You CAN ALWAYS improve your chances of admission, and we know HOW to do it.

Specialists from the Department of Education Abroad regularly work with medical students who come to Germany. Consultants know in which universities the necessary training profiles and in which Studienkolleg to study before entering. We will look at all the options available and find out the requirements for admission to each university you choose. Most importantly, we will help you build a strong academic profile that will bring you closer to a career in medicine.


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